Abely offers design lingerie sets based on customer requirements; if you are looking for high-quality and attractive items, please contact us if you want high quality and aesthetics. The following are some of the most popular types of sensual lingerie sets. Let's look jointly at it.

One-piece suits are distinguished from split suits by the fact that the top and lower bodies are united in a suit, rather than separate clothes, and are classified as one-piece suits and one-piece socks. One-piece bodysuits are a form of tight-fitting clothing that presents the body curvature in a tightly wrapped style.

Shapewear is primarily developed based on the direction of fat accumulation and the amount of pressure that each region of the body can exert, with strong, medium, and weak pressure options. The strength of the pressure exerted is designed ergonomically to make wearing pleasant and to produce the best condition of fat displacement of the body form.

Furthermore, sexy lingerie can be worn with a variety of outfits, most notably the following:

1. Paired with cheongsam

Thin quality cheongsam near the torso, the contours are visible, so the lingerie option cannot be overlooked. A slim body corset might be a significant show of appeal at this moment. It can simultaneously focus and lift the chest, tighten the abdominal and hip fat, and correct the female body parts overall. If the chest height is insufficient, you may want to select a cushioned style. It is vital to notice that the cheongsam has a high slit, therefore the panties' foot should avoid the flat foot type and instead choose the high crotch type. If your body is full, you should avoid wearing too-tight pants since the hip trouser traces are ugly. Wearing a cheongsam without a bra or half stockings with a garter is a cheongsam taboo, and few people can pass such a test.

2. Match with a T-shirt

Because the lines of the breasts are more visible when wearing T-shirts or knitted clothing, it is very crucial to produce a natural chest line. Seamless bras or simple designs with big cups are ideal. This keeps the bust line from showing through the T-shirt and gives the breasts a more rounded appearance.

3. Coordinating suit

Professional clothing and suits are designed with the chest and waistline in mind, so you should wear a full-body corset or a high-side rib corset with long corset pants. A three-dimensional cut of the corset trousers on the excess fat's waist, belly, thighs, and hips tighten and trims. Wearing corset pants or full-body corsets can enhance the curve, highlighting the amazing female body, so that the wearer is ready to boost body confidence and look more elegant.

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