The feature of Sexy underwear is an opening in the middle of the panties that extends from the front to the back of the panties and is fitted with a closing zipper. The panties, like the dresses, highlight the "fun," with seductive as the center, in the design of the underwear or supplemented with a variety of specific patterns, openwork designs, or with a variety of metal jewelry. The practical effect of such panties is a basic construction, easy to use, especially for female friends, in terms of sexual life will provide a lot of pleasure, be more convenient, and also beneficial to improve the sentiments between the couple or loves.

The following are the main categories of Sexy underwear:

1. Lace underwear

The panties are often composed of translucent material, with lace surrounding the panties, the material is predominantly translucent, surrounded by lace piping, which is a traditional representative of romantic "inner beauty". Wearing on the body for male friends is a visually intriguing embodiment of attention and romance.

2. Thong

The thong is a change in shape based on the general panties, the back of the panties is reduced to a large area, basically into a line. Thongs usually also become T-shaped pants, T-string pants, etc.

3. Panties with a drawstring

It seems that when you think of having a rope belt, you should think of primitive society. Yes, this is the effect and realm, in both sides of the waist a rope belt can be tied, this panty design is sexy, bold, and suitable for all body types of women wearing.

4. Sexy open-crotch pants

Since they are crotch pants, these panties happen to be empty and uncovered between the two shares. The crotch pants as the name implies are also usually the kind worn by children, if paired with a super short mini skirt, the feeling is self-evident.

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