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Wholesale Bikini Manufacturer

Abely is a leading high-end OEM bikini manufacturer in China, boasting skilled designers, experienced workers, and rigorous quality inspection teams to ensure the production of premium bikinis. Our factory, situated in Dongguan, Guangdong, China, is strategically located within the largest clothing fabric market, granting us access to an extensive range of fabrics and accessories.

We specialize in OEM manufacturing of various bikini styles, including Triangle, Square, High-waisted, and more. With our dedication to customization, we offer tailored solutions in fabrics, colors, sizes, labels, tags, and packaging.

Partner with Abely to elevate your bikini brand with top-quality products. Contact us today to discuss how we can collaborate for success!

Bikini Introduction

A bikini is a two-piece swimsuit primarily worn by women that features two triangles of fabric on top that cover the breasts, and two triangles of fabric on the bottom: the front covering the pelvis but exposing the navel, and the back covering the intergluteal cleft and often the buttocks. The size of the top and bottom can vary, from bikinis that offer full coverage of the breasts, pelvis, and buttocks, to more revealing designs with a thong or G-string bottom that covers only the mons pubis but exposes the buttocks, and a top that covers only the areolae.

Bikinis, the epitome of swimwear fashion, represent freedom, confidence, and timeless style. As a symbol of leisure and luxury, bikinis have transcended generations, captivating beachgoers worldwide with their allure and versatility.

Bikini Fabric and Usage

Crafted from premium materials such as nylon, spandex, and polyester blends, our bikinis offer unparalleled comfort, stretch, and durability. Designed for both leisurely lounging by the pool and adventurous water activities, our bikinis provide the perfect balance of style and functionality. Whether soaking up the sun on sandy shores or diving into the ocean waves, our bikinis ensure a seamless blend of fashion and performance.

Why Choose Abely

At our esteemed Chinese swimwear factory, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and innovation. With cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and a team of skilled artisans, we produce bikinis of exceptional quality and craftsmanship. From exquisite designs to impeccable fit, our bikinis stand out for their attention to detail and superior construction.

Partnering with us means gaining access to a vast array of customization options and personalized solutions. Whether you're a renowned fashion brand seeking to expand your swimwear line or a boutique retailer looking to offer exclusive products, we are dedicated to fulfilling your unique requirements with precision and professionalism.

Elevate your swimwear offerings with our exquisite bikinis, where style meets substance, and make a splash in the competitive market with confidence and distinction.


Abely is a swimwear supplier with over 20 years of production experience. Our factory occupies more than 6,000 m2, has over 200 skilled employees, and features a complete production line, including pattern makers, cutting machines, production workshops, sample room, etc. We primarily produce items for mid-to-high-end brands, and our factory's monthly production capacity is 300,000 pcs. Read More...
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