Satin, silk, PVC, cotton, nylon, mesh, lace, cowhide, leather, rubber, Lycra, polyester, and other materials and fabrics are used to make women's panties. The construction is often divided into two portions (front and back) that are linked by a crotch and side seams. The crotch is frequently angled, and the waist and leg openings are composed of elastic material. Women's panties are classified into different styles based on factors such as rear covering, side width, and height while worn. Different brands have different rules for certain categories.

Pants: up to the waist or just below the navel, with complete back coverage.

Classic brief (also known as complete pants, Classic brief): the side extends to the bottom of the hip and is sometimes referred to as "granny panties" by young ladies.

High-cut (also known as French cut, High-cut): the sides are narrower.

Hipsters are pants that are worn below the waist and have a waistband that wraps around the waist.

Control briefs (control briefs): Use specific support textiles with a lighter appearance. This style typically includes an elastic material that extends over the waist, such as spandex.

Boyleg: Similar to men's boxer briefs, except the leg extends below the crotch.

The bikini style is similar to the low waist design in that it reaches up to the top of the leg, but the side fabric is smaller. In contrast, the string bikini style fades completely to the side, and the waist of the pants is merely a band. In addition, the bikini eliminates the trunk's back cover. The bikini style is the most popular way for women to dress all around the world.

The broad leg style (tangas) gave little back covering and narrowed the sides of the waist.

The thong is similar to the wide-leg design, except it does not cover the back. The crotch stretches to the user's back, and a string runs between the legs and upward. In contrast, the G-string is a vertical strip of fabric that connects the crotch to the waist of the pants.

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