Twelve High-Waisted Bikinis to Revamp Your Beach Wardrobe for Summer

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Twelve High-Waisted Bikinis to Revamp Your Beach Wardrobe for Summer

It's spring vacation season, according to the kids, so I assume you're looking for new swimsuits. Could I make a high-waisted suggestion? You're probably thinking that high-waisted bikinis can look just as frumpy as one-piece swimsuits. But that's a major fallacy; in my opinion, high-waisted bikinis are even more universally appealing and figure-flattering than regular bikinis. Longline shirts, which are essentially the bathing suit version of a corset, go perfectly with them because of the higher cut on the bottom that gives you a more defined hourglass figure. Anyone who is self-conscious or hesitant about displaying too much skin out of fear of a terrible sunburn will appreciate the attractive silhouette mixed with the extra coverage and structure.

1.Blend And Match Square Bandeau Bikini Top And High Waist Bikini Bottom With Tropical Floral Print

Only when worn with a high-waisted bikini are flowers in the spring considered revolutionary.

2.Out From Under: Solid Ruched High-Waisted Bikini Bottom And Solid Longline Underwire Bikini Top

Considering the support component, this is actually a much higher cut than I've ever seen on a high-waisted suit.

3.Plunge Bikini Top And Bottoms With Braids

Limiting oneself to bandeaus or the aforementioned longline tops when wearing high-waisted bikinis is a common error. Normal triangular or bra-shaped tops offer a somewhat hotter vibe and are just as attractive.

4.The Charlatan Bikini From Swim Sexy

I have a slight obsession with the crochet trim on this bikini.

5.High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms And A Cross-Over Front Bikini Top

This one is a little unusual because it appears to be a cutaway, wraparound one-piece from the front.

6.Amuse Society's Raquel Black High-Waisted Bikini Bottom And Leah Ivory And Black Print Bikini Top

Additionally, you can add some playfulness to your bottoms by utilizing cuts, various forms, or various rises.

7.High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms With A Crisscross Halter Bikini Top

Alternately, you could go naked! It just works!

8.Swimlette With High Waist Stripe And Vertical Stripe

We make some really fantastic products, as proven by their swimwear, but I feel like I might get lightheaded if I stare at this suit for too long.

9.Repeating Splash And Print Swimsuits, Top And Bottom

If you haven't given one of our killer swimsuits a try, I highly recommend doing so. I own their high-waisted bikini with a dino print, and it is every bit as amazing as it sounds.

10.Tart Arhrodie High Waist Bikini Set With Bandeau Top

In general, a vibrant watercolor print is a good choice.

11.Caged High-Rise Bottoms And An Adjustable Halter Bikini Top

Additionally, sometimes combining a neutral bottom with a bold bottom is a wonderful change of pace.

12.A Bikini With A High Neck And A High Waist

Its appropriate cut strikes a balance between the wearer's comfort and appearance.

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