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What type of bikini is suitable for you?

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What type of bikini is suitable for you?

Choosing a Bikini for Your Body Type

Select a tankini if you are apple shaped. Apple forms feature slim legs and limbs and a big torso. Tankinis with shirring or stomach-contouring shapewear can mask that region. Your legs will be highlighted by a bottom with high cut sides.

Pick a ruffle bikini if you have an athletic shape. Athletic body types lack many curves and have straight up and down bodies, therefore adding a ruffle can fool the eye. By adding volume to certain regions, a bikini with ruffles at the top and bottom will provide the appearance of a more sculpted form. Ruffles can also be applied to a single piece of a bikini to draw attention to a particular place.

Choose a string bikini if you have an hourglass shape.Small waists and virtually similar breast and hip dimensions are characteristics of hourglass forms. Your curves will be highlighted and your waist will be highlighted with a string bikini. There are often side ties on string bikini bottoms so you may customize the fit.

Select an underwire bikini if you are pear shaped. Pear forms feature tiny waists and busts and big hips. A shirt with underwires will accentuate your bust and bring attention upward. Combine it with a hipster bikini bottom, which provides extra back coverage while balancing your hips.

On the other hand, underwire shirts offer fantastic support if you have a larger bust.

Highlighting and Concealing your Features

Select light colors to draw attention. Lighter colors can draw attention to certain regions, especially when combined with a darker color. If you have an apple shape and want to draw attention to your legs, pair a navy top and light blue bottoms. Similar to this, if you have an hourglass figure and want to draw attention to your waist, select light-colored clothing.
Look to dark colors for concealment. Using dark hues might detract focus from particular regions. Although any dark hue will do, black is the color of choice for this. A huge breast region can be hidden by wearing a dark colored top with a lighter or patterned bottom.
Choose patterns to balance your figure. When utilized in conjunction with a solid, patterns notably capture the attention and can provide symmetry. If you have a pear-shaped physique, a top with a little design and a solid bottom might balance your form.

Stripes may be used to your advantage. An outfit with vertical stripes on the bottom might assist you create the appearance of longer legs.

Horizontal stripes may make your waist appear smaller by emphasizing your bust and hips.

Try embellishments to show off your figure.Accentuating every region of your body is possible with decorations. Cutouts, flowers, sequins, jewels, and sequins can all be used to highlight certain regions. Try it on only one item at first and use a solid for the other if you don't feel safe wearing a top and bottom with embellishment.

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