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How to choose a bikini manufacturer?

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How to choose a bikini manufacturer?

Are you ready to start your own swimwear line? But don't know where to start and how to start? I am here to help. While Abely Swimwear Supplier can offer full package swimwear manufacturing services, now I would like to make this DIY manufacturing swimwear guide for anyone looking for professional help.

Here are 3 reasons why you need a professional swimwear manufacturer, to save your money and save your time.


Overlock seams are perfect for knitted fabrics because they are a seam that can provide a lot of stretching. Stretch is important in swimsuits because swimsuits should be comfortable and safe, like the second skin.

It is also important to pay attention to the tension set by the machine. Tension refers to how tight the stitches are. If they're too loose or too tight, your clothes may fall apart or have a wavy effect that looks sloppy. Professional swimwear manufacturer will have the right machines and skills to create the best product for you.


When you are just start, it's better that you work with a bikini manufacturer. This is important because it will allow you to lean on them, and learn from them. If you aren't an expert yourself, you want to make sure you are working with one.

By choosing a supplier that specializes in swim, they have done all kinds of styles thousands of times before. So they are really good at it. They can also probably do your measurement and grading for you instead of having to hire someone else to do them.


If your supplier specializes in swim, then that is what they are doing all day every day. Chances are they are seeing all the newest trends long before you or anyone else. So, create a good relationship with them, and ask them for tips on what is trending.

AB Swimwear Supplier set up design studio, to study all worlds newest swimwear trends from the fashion show and WGSN, then create newest colors/prints/styles/collections for all kinds of customer. That could help you to speed up in development stage. Make your job easier.



When you want to make development and production schedule, you need to learn about the local holidays. In China, there is Chinese New Year (CNY holiday), where all factories stop working for an entire month usually in January or February – and factories will cut off pre-CNY developments and orders. You can communicate with bikini manufacturer, let them know your target delivery date and order time, they will help you and calculate all development stages and production timeline, so that ensure catch and save your final delivery date.


Swimwear fabrics usually have two kinds, one is polyamide, another one is polyester. You may feel confused how to choose.

Here below are some points; it may can help you make the decision.

COLOR more bright and neon color is better effect no so bright
COLORFASTNESS neon color fastness is not good better color fastness grading
PRICE higher cost competitive and cheaper


Different factories have their own MOQ requirement.Be realistic and honest with your factory. If you approach a factory and tell them you will make 500 pieces of a style, and then try to order 50 pieces per style – they are probably going to say no and turn you away. The very worst situation is that they decline your order and you need to start the whole process of finding a new supplier, developing samples, etc. all over again. It's a huge waste of time, money, and resources.

So, please be honest to communicate with your supplier when first stage.

Abely Swimwear Supplier can work lower MOQ and help customer to grow up together. Just start to talk.


Never order anything without seeing samples first.Don't place a bulk order until you see samples you like. That means fabric, fit, color, tags, labels, everything is perfect.

Most of factories will ask for samples charges at the beginning, but usually they could return after order place.


What is the factory really like? Are the employees paid fairly? It's hard to visit them and get a feel for the work environment.But you can ask for BSCI / SEDEX/ WRAP certificate, or book a video call, which can help you understand new supplier.


Sustainable is one of the most concerned topics in the world right now, therefore sustainable swimwear has become one of the most popular fashion terms in the swimwear industry for recent years.

It will have two kinds of materials, one is recycled nylon, and another one is recycled polyester.

Professional swimwear factory can offer you GRS certificate, and offer you TC (transaction certificate) to prove real recycled materials.

That's all tips to choose a bikini manufacturer, it looks complicate, but when you find the one professional, they can help you work the job easy and fast.

If you would like to know more, pls contact us:sales@abelyfashion.com

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