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Children's swimsuit suits are good or separate?

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Children's swimsuit suits are good or separate?

One piece or separate

Childhood is the most rapid period of physical development in one's life. Parents can take advantage of this golden period to bring babies out of play, which is good for children's physical and mental development. Swimming can not only postpone the hot summer heat and calm the baby's mood, but it can also make the child smarter, make the child's heart stronger, improve immunity and the child's lung capacity, and so on.

But if you want to swim in the water, a comfortable and protective swimsuit is absolutely indispensable. So, how should parents choose the best swimsuit for their baby?

At present, children's swimsuits are mainly divided into conjoined and split types; each has its own benefits. A one-piece swimsuit can be a good protection for the baby's navel so as not to catch cold when playing in the water, and wearing a one-piece swimsuit while swimming can reduce power so that the baby can swim unimpeded. Compared with the one-piece swimsuit, the split swimsuit has many design elements and various styles, which is very popular with parents and children, and it is very convenient to wear, take off, and go to the toilet.

If parents let their children learn to swim professionally, a simple one-piece swimming suit may be more close to the body, swimming with less resistance to water, so that children can swim faster. If parents let their children go to the swimming pool more for the purpose of playing with water, it is more convenient to wear a split swimsuit. It is recommended to choose the appropriate swimsuit style according to the baby's age and needs.

Specific according to the child's age and the actual situation to choose: if the child is relatively young, the urine intention cannot be controlled freely, or choosing the split body is better. Generally, three- or four-year-old children can choose the split body; wait until the child is five or six years old to choose the conjoined body.

Look at these things when choosing a swimsuit for your kids:

1. When choosing the size of the fitted bathing suit, if the swimsuit is too tight or too loose, it will affect the child's movement in the water. It is still recommended for boys with larger trunks, but preferably for larger boys, unless for professional competition and training.

2. A swimming cap is essential, as are goggles and a nose card. In the beginning, don't rush to use them; if you want to buy them, it is recommended to choose a better brand.

3. To see the elasticity of the swimsuit, you can DORA the swimsuit; if the swimsuit can restore the original, it shows that the elasticity is good. The color of the swimsuit should be bright so that the safety factor is higher when swimming abnormalities can be found in time.

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