A cycling jersey is a cycling-specific jersey. Cycling jerseys have been constructed of wool since the sport's inception in the early 1900s, but modern jerseys have evolved into technical apparel that is lightweight, fitting, and made of synthetic and moisture-wicking fabric.

A specialized cycling jersey for the road discipline features the following unique characteristics:

1. A longer cut in the back to accommodate the bent-over cycling position

2. Pockets on the back panel to prevent spill

3. Silicone grippers at the hem to prevent the jersey from moving up the body while cycling

4. Full-length zip to allow for ventilation

5. Tight-fitting cut to eliminate loose fabric and reduce air resistance

6. Moisture-wicking material to keep the cyclist cooler and more comfortable

Cycling jerseys come in a variety of cuts. A loose 'club cut,' for example, provides a relaxed fit for recreational riders, whereas a form-fitting 'racing cut' boasts a tailored fit that is tighter and shorter. Other cycling disciplines, such as mountain riding, use different jerseys. Body armor can be worn beneath looser jerseys. Long-sleeved alternatives offer even more protection against branches and twigs.

Cycling is heavily sponsored at the professional level. The size, color, and positioning of the sponsor, national federation, manufacturer logos, and other images are all specified in the regulations. Certain colors or patterns in professional racing have specific symbolism that represents the leader or champion of a race or tour. For a race, numbers are fastened to the back of the jersey.

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