Five different types of underwear

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Five different types of underwear

Are you ready for a refresh? Here's a crucial hint: Just because you're replacing worn-out pairs doesn't mean you have to get identical models from the same manufacturer. Both new and established companies provide a wide variety of designs and possibilities in materials including cotton, merino wool, and high-performance synthetics. But first, study the fundamental styles because it's simple to mistakenly label one pair one thing when it's truly another, such as when you name a style boxers when they're actually boxer briefs. Before you start comparing things like stretchiness, softness, and form.


Because of their supportive fit, lack of creeping tendencies, breathable cotton fabric, and straightforward waistband, briefs may be regarded as the most useful undergarments. Additionally, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with white cotton, but depending on your taste, a variety of colors and designs are also available. Other choices include those made of odor-repelling merino wool, cooling bamboo fibers, and breathable synthetics; they are all well worth considering.

Boxer Briefs

The boxer brief was created in the middle of the 1990s by John Varvatos, who was Calvin Klein's head of menswear design at the time. This ingenious hybrid of boxer shorts and regular briefs offers the support of briefs with extra leg length for more covering. The hybrid look is cozy, reassuring, and attractive.

Some people assert that they saw pairings earlier in time, such as in Sears catalogs or in movies like American Gigolo. But since they are longer and more elasticized, today's boxer briefs are most similar to Varvatos' style.

Are you unsure of which type of underwear—boxer briefs or briefs—is best for you? Find out in our thorough head-to-head comparison.

Trunk Briefs

Trunk briefs are a hybrid between boxer briefs and regular briefs. They basically have the same cut as Sean Connery's swim trunks in Goldfinger, being both longer than the former and shorter than the latter, hence the name. Again, they seem more contemporary than standard briefs since they are a little bit longer. They are supportive in the upper leg without feeling constrictive, and they are undoubtedly more targeted toward the athletically inclined.

Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts were created to offer the same range of motion as boxers' shorts. The elastic waistband of these underwear, which is often made of cotton and silk, is the only element that restricts movement; the rest of the boxers are intended to fit loosely. They are a really comfy choice that has grown commonplace.

lengthy underwear

There are several types of long underwear than cotton waffle knit. In actuality, more recent models are created using a variety of fresh materials ideal for both daily use and sports activities. Long underwear is a crucial foundation layer to keep you warm throughout the colder months and comes in both performance and heritage brand options.

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