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How to Choose a high quality swimwear?

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How to Choose a high quality swimwear?

Swimwears not only need to be flattering, on-trend, and functional for swimming, but also need to hold up in the harsh conditions of sun, moisture, and other elements encountered on a summer's jaunt to the beach or pool. So we need to swap disposable for long lasting by choosing high quality pieces which look great no matter how many wears and washes they've had. Here are the things you need to check for it.

1.Material quality

For fabric, touch the material before purchase, or refer to the ingredient content list to see how the material is. Good swimwear fabric is soft, elastic, the grain of cloth is relatively dense.

The flexibility of a swimwear is also very important. A good swimwear is not a good stretch, but a good recovery ability, which can be recovered well after many stretches. In this way, it can not only avoid the drag force of the water after entering the water to make the swimwear sag and cause light loss, but also avoid the clothes too tight into the skin, causing discomfort. Before you buy it, it is recommended to try it on and do some more exercise to see if the swimwear is always comfortable and snug. It is not recommended to buy too tight or too loose.

2.Workmanship and construction

When buying, we should pay special attention to whether the sewing line at the seam is dense, and try to choose a strong swimwear at the stitching place.

Any swimwear worth its (sea) salt will have double stitching detailing, which helps to keep the fabric together. You can tell the stitching is doubled by checking that there are two lines around the material joins, particularly around the shoulders, legs and any cut out details.

If the swimwears have some detail, like bow, braided, you need to check the security of the braided detail, these details can often indicate the quality of the swimwears.


Finding cup sized swimwears can be a struggle, particularly on the high street, but it's important to feel comfortable and secure in what you are wearing. Look out for suppliers who offer cup sizes and measure your chest and bust for accuracy before ordering. Click here for good quality push-up bikini.

Now you know how to choose high-quality swimwear, you are welcome to choose Abely Swimwear as the quality will be the best suitable for you.

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