Lingerie and swimwear on the runway go hand in hand

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Lingerie and swimwear on the runway go hand in hand

The countdown to Spring/summer 2022 China International Fashion Week has begun, with 73 brands presenting their collections in the past nine days. Among them, underwear, swimsuit category release hotspot is very.

Under the guidance of Chinese design aesthetics, sustainable environmental protection and other concepts, they are dedicated to the design of beauty, comfort and functional underwear and swimwear.

In order to liberate the bondage of traditional underwear to women's body, "undergirl-free" has become one of the current direction of many underwear brand design, how to balance between comfort and shape, is an important issue for every underwear brand.

There is a focus on natural latex underwear without underwire, in order to ensure the elastic effect and comfort, in the choice of mold cup tends to be very soft and high elastic mold cup; As for the selection of auxiliary materials, Nilit yarn from Israel is selected, and rigid elements such as steel rim and fish bone are discarded, and replaced with high elastic fabric of Lycra silk to achieve elasticity and expansibility and ensure stable supporting property. In the design, with the help of cutting with the layout to adjust the version to achieve the effect of aggregation. Others have proposed a balanced design aesthetic for underwear, redefining undergarments without underwire. The product has made great research on the model, to achieve the golden ratio of comfortable and stylish 1:1, which can not only release the female body but also make the female breast shape in a very perfect state. Fabric selection must use lycra spandex to achieve a certain proportion of the noble elastic fabric, to ensure that the underwear has the function of gathering support; Then with three-dimensional cutting techniques to achieve the effect of gathering and shaping.

On the premise of ensuring its basic functions such as "sweat and moisture absorption", "waterproof and color fixation", green and sustainable are also widely used in the design of underwear and swimwear. Brands either take this as their guidance or adopt sustainable fabrics, making sustainable development become the biggest highlight of underwear and swimwear brands in this fashion week.

At present, carbon neutral materials applied in a swimsuit made in exploring stage at present, and that's a swimsuit brand has been doing, in carbon neutral, under the guidance of the concept of brand pursuit of environmental protection, low carbon on select material, health, and from the green, low carbon way of life, green environmental protection concept of the pursuit of a perennial concept of sustainable development and culture.

Among them, adhere to the concept of green environmental protection, its own research and development of environmental protection technology made of synthetic fiber special underwear, the unique understanding of female beauty and in-depth humanistic care into the product design, leading green fashion. At the same time, to help some people who are sensitive to chemical dyes, all products are imported from Italy and plant dyeing materials grown by ourselves, protecting consumers' health with green.

As for the extensive and profound traditional Chinese culture, The Chinese design aesthetics, which is born based on this profound and profound traditional Chinese culture, is also constantly "going out of the circle" and "spreading". From clothing to shoes and hats to accessories, and then to swimsuits, it is stunning the fashion industry in various forms and contents. Among them, mural elements as inspiration, mural characters headwear, dress patterns, patterns as design elements, into the swimsuit structure and modeling design. The color of the mural is also directly applied to the color of the swimsuit. After comprehensive consideration of the presentation effect of the swimsuit after entering the water, and combined with the light and shadow effect, the designer brings the one thousand years ago to the show in the 21st century. The swimsuit design also adopts the combination of advanced digital technology and traditional technology, including 3D printing, laser cutting, embroidery, hot stamping and other technologies. It can not only replicate the unique texture of mural relics, but also perfectly retain the high-precision details of digital data, and the overall shape is integrated.

Lingerie and swimsuit categories are always a beautiful scene at fashion Week. This season, it's great to see the efforts of brands and designers to explore sustainability and express confidence in Chinese culture. In the future, we hope that more lingerie and swimwear brands will come to China International Fashion Week to witness their growth and progress with us.

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