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  • [Swimwear Knowledge] Do you know adjustable swimwear?

    Our bodies undergo numerous changes from season to season, year to year, and period to era, much like the ocean tides. It's time to look for an adjustable coverage bikini if you want a bikini that will make you feel beautiful in all of life's chapters. Adaptable protection Bikinis provide you the fr

  • [Swimwear Knowledge] How to Prepare Your Swimwear for the Best Vacation?

    It's always fun to head off on vacation, and the best trips hopefully call for a few swimsuits. Whether there is a hot tub, pool or beach, you'll want your favorites ready. Check out this guide to learn how to pack swimsuits and how many swimsuits you need for your trip. Packing Your Swimsuits for V

  • [Swimwear Knowledge] Best Beach and Swimwear for Summer

    Best Beach and Swimwear for SummerSummer is a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors, tan, and travel, but for some individuals, it also means having to display a bit more of their body than they are comfortable with. Dieting and training are frequently utilized to get in shape for the summer, but if

  • [Swimwear Knowledge] Shuold you wear a bra under your swimsuit?

    Ever feel like your swimsuit is letting you down? You’re probably not getting the support you need. But is it ever a good idea to wear a bra under your swimsuit? We’re diving into this question and more in our guide today. WHY WEAR A BRA UNDER A SWIMSUIT?You might wear a bra under your swimsuit if y

  • [Industry News] Lingerie and swimwear on the runway go hand in hand

    The countdown to Spring/summer 2022 China International Fashion Week has begun, with 73 brands presenting their collections in the past nine days. Among them, underwear, swimsuit category release hotspot is very.Under the guidance of Chinese design aesthetics, sustainable environmental protection an

  • [Swimwear Knowledge] When to Purchase New Swimwear Online?

    Getting a bikini in any season other than summertime can be a problem. Your best option is to get a brand-new bikini online. Specifically with winter months being available in the Northern Hemisphere. What will we put on when the sun returns? Where are we going?Your best option is to get a brand-new

  • [Swimwear Knowledge] What do you think about chubby girls in bikinis?

    Wear one most of the time. Love to wear bikinis, but worry that people will think I'm a fat girl in a bikini. Some of them look really nice, but unless they're skinny, they get a lot of negative criticism.The truth is, if people just let plus-size and obese women live our lives, it doesn't seem like

  • [Swimwear Knowledge] Why People Wear Swimsuit in Water?

    There are several reasons why people tend to wear swimsuit cover-ups in the water. What we want to do now is to study them in extensive detail so you can fully understand why people wear cover-ups in the water.1. ProtectionThis is one of the biggest reasons people wear swimsuit cover-ups in the water

  • [Swimwear Knowledge] Why Many People Own A Lot of Swimsuits?

    How many swimsuits should I own? Well, as a swimsuits manufacturer, in my opinion, I don't think there is a specific amount you can own, but generally speaking, you should own at least 3 swimsuits.Over the years, I have come to realize that the amount of anything you own is directly related to how many

  • [Swimwear Knowledge] FAQ of washing swimwear

    How long do swimsuits last?The life of a swimsuit varies depending on the quality of the garment and how it's taken care of. Generally, a swimsuit should last three months to a year, but if it's well-maintained, it can last for a few seasons.Are there any swimsuits that can be machine-washed?It's ge

  • [Swimwear Knowledge] How to repair and store swimsuit?

    Swimsuit Care and RepairsA broken strap or small hole isn't a reason to toss an expensive bathing suit. Use a needle and polyester thread to hand-sew small snags or rips in the fabric. Easily fix a snag by threading a needle with the same color thread, pull it through the middle of the loop of the s

  • [Swimwear Knowledge] How to remove stains from swimsuit?

    The proper method for removing a stain will vary depending on the staining agent, but whatever method you use will be more efficient if you pretreat stains by first applying a paste made of 1/3 cup of warm water and 6 teaspoons of baking soda. Allow the paste to fully dry before moving on to washing

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