Top 10 reliable swimsuit manufacturers in China

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Top 10 reliable swimsuit manufacturers in China

China's top 10 swimsuit manufacturers below:

1. Dongguan Abely Fashion Co.,Ltd.

2. Zhongshan Enjoy Apparel Co.,Ltd

3. Dongguan Wisrise Garment Co.,Ltd.

4. Xiamen Unijoy Swimwear Co.,Ltd.

5. Xiamen Topper Swimwear Co.,Ltd.

6. Shanghai Jspeed Industry Co.,Ltd.

7. Quanzhou Tspringwater Co.,Ltd.

8. Dongguan Yongdian Clothing Co.,Ltd.

9. Jiinhua Yteng Sport Co., Ltd.

10. Dongguan Pokeek Garment Co.,Ltd. I Zimo Garment Co. Ltd.

1. Dongguan Abely Fashion Co.,Ltd.

Dongguan Abely Fashion Co.,Ltd.

It is common to find Dongguan Abely Fashion Co.,Ltd. company name in the top swimwear vendor list.

Based in Dongguan, the world's factory, Dongguan Abely Fashion Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Swimwear, Lady Bras, Sexy Lingerie, Cycling Jerseys, and Underwear, with a full set of manufacturing lines. Since its inception, the company has consistently followed the corporate philosophy of credit first and customer first, valuing honesty and quality, preserving equality and friendship, and meticulously delivering comprehensive services to consumers and suppliers. With the joint efforts of all employees, the company has expanded rapidly and its business volume has been rising.

2. Zhongshan Enjoy Apparel Co.,Ltd.

Zhongshan Enjoy Apparel Co., Ltd.

This company is specialized in producing one-piece swimwear, bikini swimsuits, yoga clothes, sportswear, and other sports clothing items.

The factory is located in 3000 square meters, and over 300 machines are working.

This company is partnered with many domestic and international famous brands, and this company is one of the Alibaba bikini factory. It has an annual production capacity of 480000 products.

3. Dongguan Wisrise Garment Co.,Ltd.

Dongguan Wisrise Garment Co.,Ltd.

This manufacturer is also started manufacturing high-quality swimwear products since its establishment in 2008.

Dongguan Wisrise Garment Co.,Ltd. is certified with ISO9001; you can rely on the quality of the products it offers.

The company is situated in Dongguan city and famous for producing professional fashion clothing and swimwear products with integrating the latest technology and innovations. This company is one of the famous wholesale swimwear suppliers in China.

It has an active customer base in major countries, including Poland, Russia, Canada, the USA, Australia, Italy, Japan, etc. It has two factories, and over 350 skilled workers are working to produce over 250,000 suits of activewear and swimwear.

4. Xiamen Unijoy Swimwear Co.,Ltd.

Xiamen Unijoy Swimwear Co.,Ltd.

This manufacturer is in the swimwear production business for the last 13 years.

It was established in 2008 with the primary products of professional swimwear, bathing suit products. Later on, they started producing yoga wear and other sportswear.

Many swimsuit vendors partnered with this company since Unjoy swimwear limited is well known for manufacturing, researching, developing, and marketing varieties of swimwear, yoga wear, activewear, and beachwear.

The wide range of swimwear collections included one-piece swimwear, bikini swimwear, tankinis, monokinis, swimwear that contains high chlorine, UV resistant swimwear, etc. This company is famous for providing reliable products at affordable prices.

5. Xiamen Topper Swimwear Co.,Ltd.

Xiamen Topper Swimwear Co.,Ltd.

Topper swimwear company limited is one of the top bikini manufacturers in China. This company has nearly two decades of experience in this industry since it is operating since 2003.

This company is also mens swimwear manufacturers in China. The primary products include kids and girls bikinis, adult bikinis, kids swimwear, adult swimwear, Muslim swimwear, monokini, tankini, rash guards, etc.

The advanced and skillful design team of Topper Swimwear limited helps to produce the most fashionable and classical swimwear. This company is known for releasing at least 500 new items every season. They are a proud company with 98% positive feedback from clients worldwide.

6. Shanghai Jspeed Industry Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai Jspeed Industry Co.,Ltd.

The private label swimwear manufacturers in china are in more demand since many people are looking to build their brand and market under that name.

This wholesale vendor in china is another old player in swimwear products. It was founded in 2009 and had more than 300 skillful employees.

The primary products of the Shanghai Jspeed industry are jackets, underwear, sleepwear, swimwear, T-shirts, etc. It has quality control, price control system and produces large quantities of swimwear.

All the products produced here are of exports quality. The company is well known for exporting the products on time and delivering as per the customers' requirements.

7. Quanzhou Tspringwater Co.,Ltd.

Quanzhou Tspringwater Co.,Ltd.

This company is capable of supplying different qualities of swimwear to many countries in the world. Hence it is identified as one of the wholesale beachwear suppliers in China.

This company is located at Quanzhou City in Fujian Province. The company has more than ten years of experience in producing and marketing high-quality swimwear. It is a professional fashion knitted swimwear and clothing manufacturer.

This company has customers worldwide including the USA, Canada, EU countries, Asia and Australia.

The primary products of this company are Swimwear, Beachwear, Underwear, Sexy Lingerie, Integrating design, Sports for men, women, and children. The factory has advanced sewing machines and experienced employees.

8. Dongguan Yongdian Clothing Co.,Ltd.

Dongguan Yongdian Clothing Co.,Ltd.

If you are looking for bathing suits manufacturers and all types of swimwear products, this is the best company.

This company is one of the oldest swimwear manufacturers, which was established in 2007.

This company is famous for producing swimwear and underwear by integrating innovative sales and designs. It provides all types of swimwear and underwear.

The company produces high-quality underwear and swimwear brands OEM in countries including the United States, Europe and also customizes ODM manufacturing for numerous small, medium, and large-scale customers.

9. Yiwu Yteng Sport Co., Ltd.

Yiwu Yteng Sport Co., Ltd.

Nowadays, many people are looking to start their own brand and establish their business. Hence private label swimwear manufacturers are in demand. Yteng Sport Company Limited is one such manufacturer that offers private labeling services and customization.

This company is known as the best Men’s swimwear manufacturers in China. This company was founded in2008 and now become a leader in the designing, production and sales, and distribution of swimwear for men, women, kids, unisex.

This company is exporting the products to more than a hundred countries, and the expert designing team produces over 1200 styles of products yearly.

10. Dongguan Pokeek Garment Co.,Ltd. I Zimo Garment Co. Ltd.

Dongguan Pokeek Garment Co.,Ltd.

Pokeek Zimo Garment limited is another reliable swimwear manufacturer that provides authentic and wide varieties of swimwear to kids, men, women.

This company is famous and known as the best bathing suit vendor. The company is located in Guangdong province, China.

This is a professional manufacturer of swimwear, yoga wear, bikini, lingerie, beach cover, swimsuit, pants, shorts, T-shirts, etc.

The company was established in 2013 and equipped with the latest technology and skilled laborers.

The company has a good relationship with many popular brands from Europe, Asia, American South East, and the Australian market. This company offers services to all countries worldwide.

Some other Chinese swimsuit manufacturers list:

Xingcheng Sportswear Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Serand Mido Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Yiwu Hexin Technology Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Hexin Fashion Co., Ltd.

Jinjiang Jiaxing Group Co., Ltd.

Quanzhou Huaning Sports Goods Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Aidemy Fashion Co., Ltd.

Fuzhou Xino International Trading Co., Ltd.

Shishi Hualian Garment Co., Ltd.

Shishi Yijiayuan Clothing Co., Ltd.

Legend Swimwear Factory

Fujian Jingdu Sports Suits

Xingcheng Yaohui International Swimwear

Shanghai Possess Sea Industrial

Phayon Industries

Welon (China) Ltd.

Xingcheng Modern Golden Age Swimwear

Delta Bogart Group

Guangzhou Chiyi Apparel

Shenzhen Geno Enterprise Co., LIMITED

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