Cycling is now one of the most popular types of fitness exercise. Especially men, who ride in parks, highways, and lakeside of cities. With the popularity of cycling, people's requirements for cycling clothes have become more diverse. Abely has accumulated rich experience in producing custom jerseys, welcome to contact us.

Above all, riding clothes are divided into motorcycle-riding clothes and bicycle-riding clothes, and their functions are different. Motorcycle riding clothes are mainly for windproof and protective purposes, while bicycle riding clothes are mainly for comfortable riding, focusing on quick-drying, high elasticity, heat insulation, and sweat-wicking performance. In addition, they are also very different fabrics, motorcycle riding clothes with fur, PU as the main material, sponge, silicone for protection ingredients, and relatively heavy. Bike riding clothes are mainly made of polyester and Lycra, which are lightweight, quick-drying, and highly elastic.

Among the materials above polyester fabric is famous for its unparalleled breathability and is mainly used in bicycle cycling clothing, which has the effect of perspiration, quick drying, and heat preservation and is suitable for all seasons. Most of this material uses polyester material and is prepared in different ways on both sides. The inner material can quickly and effectively eliminate sweat from the body, which can make the liquid quickly expand through the inner material wanting to the outer layer. Then, the outer material through the air-permeable way accelerates the drying of clothing, to improve the comfort of wearing.

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