The Most Suitable Summer Swimsuit For You

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The Most Suitable Summer Swimsuit For You

What Are The Most Suitable Fabrics For Swimwear?

The most suitable fabric for swimsuits is nylon fabric, which consists of spandex and nylon (nylon), which is also the fabric for professional swimsuits. Using other fabrics to make swimsuits, such as cotton, is not suitable, but polyester can also be used to make swimsuits.The advantages of nylon spandex swimsuits are bright colors, comfortable fit, elasticity, no deformation after multiple wearing, fast dripping, easy to wash, and easy to dry. The same applies to the raw materials of professional swimsuits, but their technical content may be higher, and they are usually specially processed. For example, reducing resistance, water repellent treatment, and so on.There are generally four basic types of fabrics for swimsuits: DuPont Lycra, nylon, polyester, and spandex, which are also the most common categories in the market.


1. Nylon Fabric

Nylon fabric is a fabric obtained by blending or interweaving nylon filaments or short fibers with other fibers, which combines the characteristics and strengths of each fiber. Although the texture is not as sturdy and solid as Lycra fabric, its elasticity and softness are comparable to Lycra. Currently, it is the most commonly used swimwear fabric, suitable for mid priced products.

2. Dupont Leica

DuPont Lycra is an artificial elastic fiber with excellent elasticity. It can freely stretch 4 to 7 times, and after releasing external force, it quickly recovers to its original length with excellent stretching. Suitable for blending with various fibers to enhance texture sagging and wrinkle resistance. DuPont Lycra, which has chlorine resistant components, will provide swimsuits with a longer lifespan than regular materials.

3. Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric is a type of chemical fiber clothing fabric used in daily life, which is a stretchable fabric with one side and two sides stretched. Due to limited elasticity, it is not suitable for jumpsuit styles. Most of the fabrics are used in split or half cut swimsuits or women's swimsuits, and can be partially cut. It is a low-cost development strategy using fabrics. Its biggest advantage is its good wrinkle resistance and shape retention, therefore, it is suitable for wearing in sunlight.

4. Spandex Yarn

Spandex yarn has high elasticity and is usually not spun separately. It is often mixed with lycra, nylon, and polyester fabrics, and the high-quality product spandex yarn content should exceed 18%.

How To Choose A Swimsuit?

Summer has arrived, and many people like to go swimming. It can be said that swimsuits are one of the essential clothing for summer, not only allowing you to swim in the water, but also showcasing your figure and style. However, choosing a swimsuit is not an easy task, and multiple aspects need to be considered in order to find the most suitable one for you. Next, we will analyze which type of swimsuit is more suitable from five aspects: style, material, craftsmanship, comfort, and fit.

1. Style

There are many styles of swimsuits, such as bikinis, one-piece, split, smocks, etc. Different styles are suitable for different body shapes and occasions. A bikini is the sexiest and boldest style that can showcase your curves and skin, but it also requires you to have enough confidence and a good figure. One piece swimsuit is the most classic and conservative style, which can cover your belly and buttocks, but it may also appear monotonous and old-fashioned. Split swimsuits are the most flexible and practical style, and can be paired with different top and bottom according to your preferences and needs. However, it is also necessary to pay attention to the color and pattern matching. A smock swimsuit is the most fashionable and personalized style that can add a layer of protection and decoration, but it may also affect your swimming effect and speed.

2. Material

The materials of swimsuits mainly include nylon, polyester fiber, spandex, etc. Different materials have different characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. Nylon is the most common and inexpensive material, with characteristics such as lightness, softness, water absorption, and quick drying, but it is also prone to fading, deformation, shrinkage, and so on. Polyester fiber is the most durable and sun proof material, with characteristics such as antibacterial, wrinkle resistant, and UV resistant, but it is also relatively thick, stiff, and breathable. Spandex is the most elastic and snug material, with characteristics such as high elasticity, high rebound, and high wear resistance. However, it is also relatively expensive, prone to pilling, and heat damage.



The process of swimsuit mainly includes sewing method, lining design, chest pad setting, etc. Different processes affect the quality and effectiveness of swimsuits.

The sewing methods include flat seam, lock edge seam, overlying edge seam, etc. Flat stitching is the simplest and most common sewing method, which can make swimsuits smoother and more comfortable, but it is also prone to stitching and breakage. Lock stitch is the most sturdy and aesthetically pleasing sewing method, which can make the swimsuit more sturdy and durable, but also increase the thickness and weight of the swimsuit. Overlay stitching is the most exquisite and advanced sewing method, which can make swimsuits more delicate and elegant, but it also requires higher technology and cost.

Whether underwear design includes underwear, triangle underwear, flat angle underwear, etc. No underwear is the lightest and most natural underwear design, which can make you feel more free and comfortable, but it is also necessary to pay attention to the cleaning and protection of private areas. Triangle underwear is the most tight and sexy underwear design, which can highlight the curves and charm of your hips, but may also cause wrinkles and discomfort. Flat angle underwear is the most loose and conservative underwear design, which can cover up your buttocks' flesh and defects, but it may also appear bloated and outdated.

Whether there are chest cushions, thin chest cushions, thick chest cushions, etc. No chest pad is the simplest and most natural chest pad setting, which can make you feel more relaxed and realistic, but it is also necessary to pay attention to the support and anti glare of the chest. A thin chest pad is the most suitable and comfortable chest pad setting, which can provide you with a certain degree of shaping and warmth, but it may also shift or fall with water flow. Thick chest pads are the most plump and straight chest pad settings, which can add a cup size or more to your visual effect, but may also appear fake or uncoordinated.


The comfort of a swimsuit mainly depends on whether you feel comfortable or uncomfortable when wearing it. Comfort or discomfort can be caused by various factors, such as whether the swimsuit fits well, whether it is tight, whether it is itchy, and whether it is breathable. In order to improve the comfort of swimsuits, you need to pay attention to the following points: first, choose the appropriate size swimsuit, not too large or too small; The second is to choose swimsuits made of appropriate materials, not too hard or too soft; The third is to choose swimsuits with appropriate craftsmanship, not too thick or too thin; The fourth is to choose swimsuits with appropriate colors or patterns, not too bright or too dark.


The fit of a swimsuit mainly depends on whether you can show the parts you want to show or hide when wearing it.Displaying or hiding may be caused by various factors, such as whether the swimsuit matches your body proportion, whether it modifies your body defects, and whether it highlights your body advantage. To improve the fit of a swimsuit, you need to pay attention to the following points: firstly, choose a swimsuit style that matches your body characteristics (such as apple shaped, pear shaped, etc.); The second is to choose a swimsuit color or pattern that can balance the proportion of your upper and lower body (such as large chest and small buttocks or small chest and large buttocks); The third option is to choose a swimsuit cut or detail that can cover or reduce the areas you want to cover or reduce (such as the lower abdomen, thighs, etc.); The fourth option is to choose a swimsuit filling or decoration that can highlight or increase the areas you want to highlight or increase (such as the chest, buttocks, etc.).

In short, when choosing swimsuits, we can choose the most suitable swimsuit based on factors such as our preferences, needs, and occasions. No matter which type of swimsuit you choose, please remember safety first, health first, and happiness first!

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