How to repair and store swimsuit?

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How to repair and store swimsuit?

Swimsuit Care and Repairs

A broken strap or small hole isn't a reason to toss an expensive bathing suit. Use a needle and polyester thread to hand-sew small snags or rips in the fabric. Easily fix a snag by threading a needle with the same color thread, pull it through the middle of the loop of the snag, and knot it so it's tied to the snag. Then, put the needle into the base of the snag to pull it through to the other side. If you need a bigger repair or need to alter a bathing suit, take it to a professional tailor. They’ll be much more adept at sewing finicky spandex or Lycra.

When wearing a swimsuit, avoid sitting or brushing up against abrasive surfaces, such as concrete and cement around pool walls and grounds. This can lead to damaging pilling and holes in your suit.

Storing a Swimsuit

Don't hang up your bathing suit because it'll stretch out the fibers. Instead, store the suit flat when it's completely dry; any moisture may result in the growth of mildew. If you’re putting it away for the season, store the suit in a fabric garment bag. Don't use plastic bags, which can also provide a breeding ground for mildew and bacteria.

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