The development of nightwear

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The development of nightwear

At the beginning of the 20th century, pajamas were as pretentious as other kinds of clothing, whether women's pajamas, matching pajamas, boudoir gowns, tea robes, etc., all of which had exquisite and complicated overhanging decoration and layers of wear but ignored practicality. At this time, pajamas were all luxurious, custom-made clothing belonging to the upper class.

The Second World War made the robe less loose and gave it a more masculine look. After the war, the economy and tourism in Europe and the United States were so prosperous that clothing stores began to make sleeping bags, bedcovers, pillows, and sheets that matched women's pajamas, driving the fashion of the dormitory collection. At the same time, because of the needs of travel life, pajama style is also becoming more and more light.

With the start of World War II in the late 1930s, there was little demand for fancy women's pajamas. Ready items include all-weather wool flannel nightdresses for evening gowns, lightweight chiffon pajamas that are easy to wash and carry, and dyed cotton for an adjustable waistline.

After World War II in 1945, economic recovery, singing, and dancing brought beautiful feminine pajamas back into fashion.

By the 1950s, like other women's underwear, pajamas had become mainstream. With the innovation of industrial technology, nylon fabric is widely used, bringing innovation to the clothing industry. There is now a variety of material underwear, pajamas, and styles, ranging from dignified to short and sexy, as well as an unprecedented variety of underwear brands.

In the 1960s, with the rapid development of the commodity economy, women's underwear and nightgowns with reasonable prices, namely fashion and good quality, were widely sold in stores as ready-to-wear, and pajamas and underwear entered every woman's wardrobe. They are also often worn to theater plays and dinners, and pajamas appear on beaches, tennis courts, or markets.

After the 1970s, as polyester-cotton and nylon-blend products became more and more popular, pure nylon sleeping clothes became obsolete. High-grade pajamas are heavy with silk, cotton, wool, and mixed cotton form; color form also turns from the past peaceful color to the strong color of late 80s; luxurious taste also leads to high consumption.

The 1990s were a more modern period of values and functions, and this new passion was a complement to the increasingly prevalent global family life. Technological advances and the streamlining of corporate staff have enabled women to build their own careers and work from home in addition to caring for their children. The pajama market has expanded to include what people wear when they go home, not necessarily when sleeping, in addition to the concept of home clothing. In addition to fashion, people are also very concerned about what they wear at home, and home clothes have long gone beyond the basic needs of just being worn. Women may be in the closet. There is a mountain of sleeping clothes, but they also want the latest fashion styles and colors. Not only do they need to be comfortable, but they also want to look more sexy and beautiful.

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