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Our favorite bikini style for 2023 summer

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Our favorite bikini style for 2023 summer

There are sunny days on the horizon, so it's time to get your summer closet in order, and grab some updated pieces. Whether you’re jetting off to tropical beaches or hitting up the local lake, your summer bikini needs to turn heads and make you feel as good as you look. But buying bikinis isn't as simple as it once was. What type of bikini do you even reach for? Which bikini type do you need for your body? Wonder no longer! We are here to break down all of the major bikini styles available to you, and show you how they can work for you.

We're breaking down the best bikini types:

Bandeau Bikinis

Underwired Bikinis

Triangle Bikinis

High waist Bikinis

No matter your body type or your style preferences, within this list there is definitely a bikini perfect for you and your plans. Going to play water sports on the lake? Underwired or high waisted bikinis are ideal for this. Lounging in the sun? Opt for a bandeau bikini for a seamless tan.

Types of Bikinis

Bandeau Bikinis

Tan lines where?

Bandeau bikinis, or strapless bikinis, are ideal for lounging by the pool and catching rays all day. With no straps and super sleek designs, there’s no better type of bikini to tan in than a bandeau bikini.

There is a huge range of prints available, with flirty cut out details and bottoms ranging from thong style to high leg to full coverage high waist, so this bikini style is certain to provide you with the vacation style you’re looking for. It’s worth noting, however, that bandeau bikinis do not offer much support in the bust, and almost always fasten in the back, so may not be ideal if you prefer an underwired design or if you aren’t able to tie or clasp them closed independently.

If your vacation agenda includes tanning, lounging, and sipping cocktails in the sun, a bandeau bikini is perfect for you.

Underwired Bikinis

Prefer something a little more supportive?

Underwired bikinis are the perfect type of bikini for someone who prefers – or requires – some support in the bust department.

Whether you’re playing volleyball, jumping on a jet ski, or going diving, underwired bikinis are the bikini top style you’re looking for. With a supportive design and generally fuller coverage, underwired bikinis are great for someone who will be on the go this summer.

They’re also great for tanning, especially as you can shrug the straps off to avoid tan lines and pull them back up to wander to the bar or dip in the pool. Ideal for water parks, beach games, or someone who just prefers to have some support, underwired bikinis could be the best type of bikini for you.

Triangle Bikinis

It's a classic.

Triangle bikinis are the most basic, stripped back style of bikini, made up of two triangle pieces connected to a thin band. They are ultra flattering in shape, but offer very little support. Triangle bikini top styles are great for tanning as the unstructured design means that the straps can be moved easily to avoid tan lines, and tied tighter for beach games and water sports.

High Waist Bikinis

Stellar sunny day looks.

High waisted bikinis are the most flattering type of bikini bottoms, due to them covering the lower stomach and creating a high leg look. If you want a little more coverage for looks that will keep you covered during pool parties and beach games, we've got you.

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