Six aspects determine your cycling jersey

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Six aspects determine your cycling jersey

A jersey made expressly for bicycling is one of those tiny things that could just make a difference for the semi-serious bikers who want to stay up with the neighborhood cycling club. Here are some recommendations for selecting a top for road biking.


Jerseys for road bikes should fit snugly. You will take longer if there is loose fabric blowing in the breeze. Even so, the maker would have already taken it into consideration, so you don't necessarily need to size down. It should fit you well when you try it on in your usual size.

In cycling-specific shirts, the rear is often longer than the front, a feature known as a drop tail. When you raise your arms into the typical cycling posture, make sure your jersey is long enough and doesn't ride up excessively.


The three pockets on the back, around the waist, are what set a cycling jersey apart from other shirts. These pockets are great for storing energy bars, gel, and other small items since they are convenient to access while cycling. Pass on the jersey if it has no rear pockets; it isn't a cycling jersey.

Road Biking vs. Mountain Biking

Mountain bikers are less concerned with aerodynamics due to the speed differential. Because of the pockets at the back, they will occasionally wear a road bike jersey, but unless they are competing, mountain bikers often use a loose-fitting synthetic T-shirt.

Full Zip vs. Partial Zip

The majority of road bike jerseys include a front zipper that lets you vent as necessary. Some zippers are the whole length, while others just reach the bottom two thirds. Although partial-length zippers are easier to close after being fully unzipped, full-length zippers provide the optimum level of breathability.

Long Sleeves vs. Short Sleeves

You'll likely need a few long-sleeve shirts in addition to a few short-sleeve jerseys, unless you only cycle in hot weather. Everything is based on the temperature. The determining temperature for most individuals is between 50°F and 60°F.

Keep in mind that it's frequently preferable to start out a little cold; you'll warm up after the initial ascent. If it's still too chilly, think about wearing a short-sleeve jersey with arm warmers. You may simply take off the warmers and put them in your back pockets if it gets warm.

If it's chilly outside and you're bicycling, you might want to wear a bike jacket or a thicker long-sleeve shirt.


The most typical material for cycling shirts is polyester. It wicks moisture away from your skin and dries swiftly. The majority of jerseys also contain some spandex or other elastic material.

Materials with an antibacterial component have an extra advantage since they help keep smells from developing. Additionally, there are jerseys on the market that offer up to SPF 30 of sun protection.

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