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How to Choose Cycling Clothes

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How to Choose Cycling Clothes

What exactly should I choose for cycling clothes? What aspects should we focus on? Firstly, I assume that everyone chooses professional cycling clothes, so there will be no special explanation about the version of cycling clothes, as professional cycling clothes inevitably have the following characteristics:


Cycling clothes are usually short in the front and long in the back, as they are usually bent over during cycling. Therefore, the back should generally be longer than the front so as not to expose the back when bent over. The back of a cycling suit usually has three pockets, which can be used to hold things such as a phone, key, kettle, and energy glue. In addition, if you want to purchase an overseas version of cycling clothes, you should pay more attention to the shape. European and American people generally have a stronger upper body than us, so the upper body of the European and American versions of cycling clothes will be larger. If your upper limbs are not strong, it is best to find a physical body to try it out first and see if buying a smaller size can achieve a tighter fit.

2.Fabric And Breathability

As mentioned earlier, the fabric of cycling clothing generally contains "spandex fiber", while legitimate cycling clothing manufacturers will use their own different processes to improve the fabric structure to achieve the function of absorbing sweat on the inner side and wicking sweat on the outer side. Through different material combinations, such as armpit placement, more breathable mesh materials are used to further improve breathability and expel body heat.


The cycling clothing fabric should have high elasticity while also possessing high sun protection. Why don't you ride a bike when there's the sun? That's impossible! So, the sun protection of cycling clothes is particularly important, so if you are afraid of sunburn, you can also choose long-sleeved cycling clothes.

4.Workmanship Details

Cycling clothes are generally worn close to the body, so workmanship is particularly important. In the cutting of mid- to high-end cycling clothes and pants, seamless fitting technology is more commonly used to reduce the friction caused by stitching on the skin.On the sponge mat of cycling pants, each family has its own black technology to ensure comfort, breathability, and hygiene. Regarding hygiene, it is crucial because cycling clothes are worn close to the body, and whether the sponge pad has antibacterial treatment is particularly important. Therefore, for the sake of health, it is better to buy cycling pants from a brand!

As mentioned, when selecting cycling clothes, first:

1.Choose bright colors! Unless you are a particularly low-key person, choose bright colors. Firstly, it looks good when taking photos, and secondly, it is easier to be detected and safer when cycling!

2.Depending on the design, it is a standard cycling suit with a short front and a long back and three pockets at the back.

3.Besides winter cycling clothes, are there any special heat dissipation designs on the back and armpits, and what is the sun protection of the fabric?

4.Whether seamless bonding technology is used at the seams of cycling clothes, with as few stitches as possible.

5.Is the riding pants cushion made of sponge material, is there a special design, and is there no stitching on the surface of the cushion?

6.If possible, try to choose riding pants with straps. Due to the riding posture, riding pants with straps do not need to be tightened by the elastic band on the abdomen, so there is no pressure on the abdomen, and there is no need to worry about the pants falling off.

7.Other black technologies, such as iZUMi's ecological cooling, etc.

And all of these ultimately point to one goal: comfort. Only with good fabrics, good sponge pads, and good workmanship can you ride comfortably and ride faster and longer!

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