The Name Your Underwear Goes by Speaks to You.

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The Name Your Underwear Goes by Speaks to You.

What's the name of your underwear? Your personality can be determined by the words "pants," "undergarments," or other words.Whenever asked what words they hate the most, people consistently say "panties." (And "moist," but let's hold off on that for the time being.) When they hear this word used by a potential companion, many of the ladies I know are immediately put off since it connotes something disgusting. Unpleasant. Maybe a little unsettling. What do the various names for underpants tell about our personalities, we wondered after this?


You're a forthright individual who doesn't mince words. You always tell folks the truth but are never rude about it when they ask you if they look nice in a particular outfit. (Well, you occasionally seem rude about it, but it's never on purpose.) You've been using the same long-lasting shade of the ideal red lipstick for years, and it's your favorite. You can't help but look down on people who upload too many selfies to Instagram. You are the kind of person who would never refer to Bushwick as "East Williamsburg," hence you would be a lousy real estate salesperson in New York.


You prefer the phrase "underarm" to "armpit," as you think the latter is vulgar. In 2012, you were interested in trying a crop top, but you held off until 2014, when everyone else started wearing them. You're fluent in two or more languages, and occasionally you'll startle your friends by displaying your perfect accent when giving directions to a visitor. Despite the fact that you adore champagne, the next day you virtually always regret consuming seven glasses of it. You've had an entire pizza while watching Netflix at least once. On your AIM profile in middle school, you made sure all of your pals felt welcome.

Panties 1

Perhaps you're a sociopath. You are the van with the tinted windows full of people. You always respond with "American Psycho" when someone asks what your favorite movie is, winking and humming the tune "Hip To Be Square. You put on a sock, a shoe, another sock, and another shoe in the morning. You keep your place spotless despite the fact that none of your friends have ever visited.

Panties 2

You continue to refer to your buddies as "babes," despite their repeated indications that they don't like it. You describe yourself as a "Carrie crossed with a Samantha, but a Charlotte in relationships! You utilize a lot of exclamation points in your texts and become annoyed when others don't. You have a completely different app just for retouching Instagram selfies. It only takes 20 minutes of meeting someone before you begin pitching them your semi-autobiographical work of fiction with a pun in the title.

Granny Panties

Most of your friends and OKCupid dates find your slightly biting brand of humor endearing. You never make a great deal out of giving up your seat on public transit to the elderly, pregnant women, or anyone with a disability. In at least five languages, you can say offensive things. You don't comprehend vegetarianism entirely.


You excelled with bubble letters as a child and occasionally considered a career in calligraphy. You're the kind of roommate that uses smiling faces on Post-It notes, even when they contain really passive-aggressive messages. You are the only one who orders a salad at fast food places. Your favorite Instagram filter is Hudson, and your idea of "letting loose" consists of downing two and a half glasses of pinot gris at a downtown pub. You most likely traveled to France or Italy to study abroad. You feel uneasy with dirty talk.


You are, or at least aspire to be, a pirate. When you were in high school, you wore slogan t-shirts from Hot Topic over pinstripe suit jackets. One of the slogans said, "The clowns keep telling me to eat the cookies."


You don't think that being nude is intrinsically sexual. Instead, you are much more likely to think of it as something one does while wearing sunglasses and blaring 80s music around the house. Have I mentioned that you resemble Tom Cruise?


Mostly because you are devoted to Downton Abbey, you long for the past. You can find choices on Netflix under the heading "Late 1800s British Period Dramas Starring Kate Winslet. Even though you keep attempting to perfect finger waves, you always give up after the nth Pinterest tutorial stage.


The term above is frequently pronounced "undapaaants. Emojis can be used to create lengthy text messages. When you were younger, you most identified with Little Pete from the show Pete & Pete and, later, Cory Matthews from Boy Meets World. You only like IPAs, at least while you're out in public. You have friends who are passionately devoted, which is excellent because you constantly need them to post your bail. You're completely ignorant of Etsy.

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