Different Types of Underwear for Women

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Different Types of Underwear for Women

You probably only buy thongs, bikinis, or briefs when you go shopping for underwear, but you're missing out on the wide variety of women's underwear that is currently available. We do recognize that if you're trying to make a modification or simply need or want a new look, the sheer number of possibilities might be overwhelming. In response, we are here.

What kind of fabric works best for women's underwear?

To give them elasticity and provide the optimum fit, most fibers are combined with spandex in the fabric. Regardless of the main fabric, it is customary for underwear styles to have a cotton gusset, which is the layer of fabric within the garment. It is crucial to prevent yeast and bacterial growth, regardless of the main fabric.

Cotton: It is a natural textile that is breathable, soft, and feels wonderful next to the skin. Cotton's drawback is that it takes a while to dry; therefore, if there is any moisture present (such as from perspiration), the cloth will remain wet.

Fabrics made of plants: Although technically not natural, fibers like rayon and modal are made from plants but are chemically processed. These materials are incredibly soft and drapey, frequently contain moisture-wicking properties, and dry more quickly than cotton.

Performance fibers: Because they wick moisture and dry fast, synthetic materials like polyester and nylon are frequently used in activewear. These fibers are perfect for underwear for the same reason, especially if you're exercising. Microfiber and lace undergarments are frequently constructed of synthetic materials. Just remember to take them off after you've perspired.

Silk: Although it's rare and expensive, silk is a natural material with opulent characteristics that naturally control moisture and temperature. (We adore using this fiber to make pillowcases!

The various types of underwear for women


A thong contains just a thin strip of fabric in the rear to prevent panty lines from showing through clothing, giving you the least amount of coverage. As long as they are not too tight, they are quite safe. For those who prefer them, finding the ideal thong with a cotton crotch and a well-fitting, non-chafing "G-string" is not a problem. Since there are no bumps on the edges and they remain completely concealed, wearing a thong helps you avoid having obvious panty lines. Thongs are a terrific alternative for tighter clothing, but if you can't locate the right material or fit, they may be uncomfortable.

With additional coverage around the hips and broader fabric panels, this low-rise shape sits directly on your hips, a little below your waistline. Compared to other types with lower-cut leg holes, they are less cheeky.


Boyshorts, a female version of boxer briefs, are rectangular in shape and feature the maximum leg coverage of all the other kinds of underwear. They seem like a cross between underwear and shorts; therefore,  they are ideal for pairing with loungewear and loose skirts because they will offer the greatest coverage if your skirt flies up.


Briefs can keep you covered front and back if you desire the greatest coverage. Within this style, there are variations like a high-rise waist or a high-cut leg opening. Many people return to their brief underwear because they are so comfy, even if they reveal panty lines.


Similar to a brief but with less coverage, a lower rise, and higher leg openings are bikinis. Bikini underwear mimics the cut of the majority of bikini bottoms, with a low rise and some buttock covering. Since they won't cause "granny panty" lines without riding up like a thong, most individuals wear these underwear kinds everywhere, even the gym.

Your entire tummy will be covered if you wear high-rise underwear. High-rise pants are a terrific option if you detest the sensation of your underwear digging into your stomach because most pairs fit at your waist.

5.French  Cut

Choose a pair of underwear with a French cut, also known as a high cut, to reveal more leg. They will feature higher-cut leg holes but the same waist as a traditional brief.


For more back coverage than a thong but less than a bikini, cheeky styles reveal more of your derriere. In order to avoid panty lines, many styles include broader hip bands.

7.Top Control

Underwear with a control top helps smooth you out when using shapewear. Some even reach your bra. They either end at your belly button or just above it.


The very minimum in terms of coverage, G-string underwear has a very thin thong back and a low-rise fit in the front.

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