What are the styles of a lady's bra?

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What are the styles of a lady's bra?

Your breasts are covered in the bra, which is both comfortable and uncomfortable, as only you know. Of course, we all hope that we can be comfortable and beautiful. We never want to walk two steps back because of a tight belt with blue convex veins, and the lady's bra should indeed be comfortable and beautiful. It should keep your breast in place and prevent damage to the breast tissue due to excessive shaking. Therefore, women must take a good look at the following-introduced bra-related knowledge.

1. one-body bra design

A one-body bra can flatten the breasts and tighten the waist at the same time, making it suitable for women with flat or sagging breasts.

2. Side-band bra design

Side strap refers to the bra shoulder strap on the outside of the shoulder, so that the chest is concentrated and close, and at the same time, the side strap bra is suitable for cross-over open collar clothing. The design of the side-strap bra should pay attention to the position and length of the shoulder strap; if it is too biased to the outside, the shoulder strap is easy to slip.

3. Ring-shaped bra design

The shoulder strap of the ring bra is unique, with the shoulder strap around the neck and connected with the back of the neck, suitable for clothing with a collar. The length of the shoulder strap of the ring bra is very important; it can pull the chest up, but if it's too tight, it tightens the neck, making the wearer uncomfortable.

4. the front button type bra design

The front button type bra will move the button hook to the chest in order to wear and take off, and its tension is different from other bras in that the chest is connected to the body before the middle of the film, so that the chest point spacing is shortened in order to show the curve of chest fullness. But its solid form is relatively poor, making it only suitable for women with small breasts. In addition, the firmness of the front hook is very important.

5. unaccompanied bra design

A strapless bra is often worn with gowns and off-shoulder, breast-length or sling-style vest clothing. This kind of bra consolidation has a stronger, relatively tight fit. Shoulder straps, which can be connected and removed, are the first choice of women's summer underwear.

The focus of the unaccompanied bra design is aptamity. The size of the support and the elasticity of the rear frame are very important. If the size is too large, the unaccompanied bra will loosen and slide. In addition, the cup without a bra designs its chest shape to match the human body, so that the bra "grills" in the woman's chest.

6. padded bra design

Pket type is through the cup cover, side plus pad, in order to achieve the purpose of pushing, lifting the chest, is a kind of or thopedic underwear. Suitable for women with flat breasts and petite breasts Its liners are fixed and insert:

The fixed type is the pad with the cotton liner attached to the fixed part, such as the lower part of the cup cover side. The insert type is more flexible and can be adjusted at any time according to the need. The material of the liner is mostly fluffy cotton or a sponge. At present, there are pads made of silica gel (because its state is like transparent water, also known as water circumference), liquid silica gel first sealed in the date stone-shaped plastic bag, and then the plastic bag in the hole under the side of the bra cup cover, making it easy to push the chest, make it plump, and feel soft and natural.

Pad bra design currently has a large market in China, especially in the southern market. With the help of this underwear, women can regain confidence and then show a beautiful posture.

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