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Show of support: how to buy the perfect sports bra?

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Show of support: how to buy the perfect sports bra?

Whether or not the Lionesses'success on Sunday night was attributed to the prescription sports bras, the phrase continues to be "a new and under-reported phrase for a lot of women playing sport or doing exercise," according to Priya Downes, founder of the sustainable underwear company Nudea.

A "sports bra prescription," which is a step up from a standard bra fitting, is similar to the gait analysis you may receive when purchasing a pair of running shoes. It involves observing how a player moves and then matching them with the proper style and size of bra. This seems to be a Nike Dri-Fit Swoosh, which Chloe Kelly, the winning goal scorer for England, plans to frame.

Most of us choose for compression sports bras off the rack when purchasing them. They come in a variety of sizes and are made to flatten the breasts and bring them close to the body in order to stop movement. However, Downes continues, "they are not intended to have the ideal fit, so [it is not surprising] that a lot of professional sportswomen get their sports bras fitted." We simply don't typically see them on a large screen.

Here are five ways to obtain the equivalent of a prescription sports bra in the absence of the Lionesses' access to "breast biomechanic" Prof. Joanna Wakefield-Scurr and the English Institute of Sport.

Get fitted more than once

Your best chance is to try on as many as you can to find the proper size, advises Downes. "Your boobs are constantly changing. In our lifespan, the majority of us change sizes six times. Instead of always wearing the same size, it is important getting fitted throughout your life. She explains that because compression bras are made of a strong microfibre, they are "designed to cover part of your rib cage as well as your boobs, and they are incredibly stretchy, which is good if your boobs change," but occasionally "we need something a bit more suited to our own body type."

Don't just stick to your standard bra size.

“It's not necessarily about the cup size,” advises Laura Franklin, Bravissimo's fitting expert. Downes, meanwhile, says 80% of the support comes from the back band – the fitted strip of fabric that runs under your boobs. This is the most important part of a sports bra,"so it's essential to make sure that fits correctly to prevent any injuries and minimise the movement,"she says.“If it feels a little tight, verging on uncomfortable, then it's the right size.”

Consider adjustable straps

"These are surprisingly hard to find on a sports bra, and you certainly won't see them on a regular [compression] kind, but if you have a fuller bust or a small back and large bust, it's really worth looking for a bra with them,” says Downes. The focus is comfort, as well as support.“They shouldn't be digging in, because they shouldn't take the weight of the boobs,” she says. Equally, if you're getting red marks when you've taken it off, “that’s the wrong size, too”.

Choose a bra suited to your form of exercise

“What works for something high-impact like football or running might not be necessary for something like yoga or pilates,” says Downes. Most sports bras are made with microfibres and synthetic fabrics, which wick sweat better than slow-drying cotton. But sweat-wicking is not the priority with something like pilates. “You don’t need full-grade-stretch, industrial-strength microfibre; you just want a bit of give,” she says. Franklin recommends something soft with a wrap front, and thinking in terms of light support rather than, say, binding. Downes suggests ribbed cotton, or Tencel, which has a bit of stretch. “No one wants to be uncomfortable doing downward dog.”

Even small-chested women need to wear one

“Bras are necessary for all women, regardless of their cup size,” says Charlotte Morgan, senior womenswear designer at independent activewear brand AYBL. “Without the right support, the ligaments in your breasts can stretch and, over time, be susceptible to irreversible damage.”

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