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Five step method for purchasing bra

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Five step method for purchasing bra

More than merely enhancing your appearance, a well-fitting bra may also improve your overall health. "A bra that's too big, too small, or just doesn't fit right can cause back pain, irritate your skin, and generally make you feel uncomfortable," claims Jené Luciani, author of The Bra Book.

No matter your size or form, use these Luciani shopping advice to locate the ideal bra.

1. Measure before you go. Make sure you're current because your bra size may fluctuate from year to year. Size can be impacted by changes in weight and hormonal changes (menopause, pregnancy, nursing). Measure two regions with a flexible fabric measuring tape: the area around your rib cage just below your breasts, and the area around the largest section of your breasts. Your band size is determined by the first number, and your cup size by the second—each inch over your band size corresponds to one cup size. You would be a 32C if your band measurement is 32 inches and your cup measurement is 35 inches. You might even request the assistance of a salesperson in a department or lingerie store. However, it would be wise to have some starting points before you go.

2. Wear a T-shirt when you shop. This way you'll be able to see what the bra looks like even under the thinnest clothing.

3. Try it on the right way. Lean about halfway forward, swoop and scoop your breast tissue into the cups, then fasten the back. Stand up and adjust the straps to ensure that all of your breast tissue is where it should be.

4. Watch for key fit concerns. On the prohibited list: Boob leakage (too tiny) over the top of the cups. Too-large cups are gaping. straps that slide down or dig into your shoulders. any form of skin rolls that protrude beyond the border of the backband or any kind of pinching. If you can only secure a bra on the last hook, it's too small. You should be able to easily fasten a bra on the second or third hook. The underwire along the sides and the bridge of the bra (located in the middle between the cups) ought to be flush with the skin at all times.

5. Buy enough to last. Depending on how often it's washed and worn, the average bra can last from 6 months to a year without getting stretched out. Investing in two or three styles at once means you'll have plenty of choices in the months ahead.

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