What is the best color for men's underwear?

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What is the best color for men's underwear?

All the types of men's underwear come in a variety of colours, the classics are black, white, navy and grey. And to be honest, you won't go wrong with any of them.


The most popular color for underwear is unquestionably black, and more black boxer briefs are likely sold than all other types combined. It is simple to understand why; nobody will stare at you oddly at the gym or be disappointed when you take your pants off since they are reliable, classy, and subtle (yeah, and they don't show dirt as much).


Since everyone has lamented the tighty-whities of their youth, white underwear has received a little bad publicity lately. White, however, has a very pure and uncomplicated quality. It signifies that you don't need to exert too much effort, and much like the white-collar worker, it suggests that your life is delicate and refined, so your pants won't become too filthy. However, discard them whenever they begin to become gray.


Even the color of the underwear itself, grey, is frequently linked to a sportier appearance and an air of athleticism. On a more practical level, though, it stands out from the commonplace black and is probably going to last longer than white (see the comments regarding greying, as opposed to grey, pants above).


Navy underwear, or any other blue, is the perfect way to introduce a bit of colour to your pants drawer and a bit of personality to your pants wearing. Yes, you understand the classics, but you are confident enough to know that blue can flatter and enhance in a way black never can.

Other colours

Of course, pants are available in a wide range of other colors—basically, whatever color you want—if you look hard enough. And as your underwear drawer grows, we urge you to embrace color.

But proceed with caution; one man's fashion statement is another's novelty at the holiday party. Also take into account your own skin tone; acid green may not look good on someone with light skin and pimples, and bright orange requires a certain amount of self-assurance.


The same can be true about pattern; But once more, your personality and skin tone are both important. In fact, we'd go so far as to suggest that this design is for the man who truly exudes confidence and dresses for himself as much as for anyone who might see him without his pants on.

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