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What Swimsuit Style is Appropriate for the Public?

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What Swimsuit Style is Appropriate for the Public?

With the arrival of summer in the southern hemisphere, and the opening of indoor swimming pools in the northern hemisphere, as well as the idea of people in the equatorial region wanting to cool off, it's time to get out and swim. Here are some women swimsuit guidelines, which we've briefly broken down into three types to help you choose the best one for you.

Two-piece swimsuit

Two-piece swimsuit is generally also known as split, referring to the top and pants separate suit, there are bikini style and general two-piece head style. The bikini, also known as the three-point style, is undoubtedly the focal point of all swimwear and is characterized by the use of very little material. You have to admit that the bikini is indeed the most attractive swimsuit for the eyes, if you have a proud body and confidence, then please do not hesitate.

Suitable body type

A-line: You can choose some styles with pleats on the chest, which are more three-dimensional. Choose a brighter rose, yellow, to bring the eyes together in your upper body.

V-shaped: bustier bikinis or ones with removable straps will be better. Choose brightly colored swim trunks with exaggerated patterns and better bows on both sides.

One-piece swimsuit

One-piece swimsuits can be divided into strappy and tube styles. If you are a more traditional woman, then a strappy swimsuit with a tank top would be a good choice. Straps can sometimes be a bit of a surprise, such as a one-shoulder head. In addition, a deep chest and wrap style swimsuit is the best way to modify the narrow top and wide bottom of the body shape.

Suitable body type

Large chest type: a relatively large chest is a matter of pride, but often a good-looking swimsuit, more than C-cup style are not. In fact, D cup to F cup large size swimsuit does not necessarily look bad, it is recommended to choose a swimsuit with good support and a steel frame with straps and shoulder straps.

Voluptuous type: When choosing a swimsuit to hide your small tummy, you can choose a dark swimsuit that has an obvious slimming effect. High-waisted swim trunks will be a good choice, geometric patterns and one-piece swimsuits that highlight the waistline and swimsuits with ruffles will be suitable.

Tube style swimsuit

The tube swimsuit is a more chic existence, the body is like a tube suit with suspenders, which is more demanding on the body. This kind of swimsuit can reduce the transparency of the chest and hips, and the high cut bottom edge can make the leg line appear longer. There is no doubt that the emergence of this swimsuit is a good protection for ladies who love to swim, but also set off your long and slender legs.

Suitable body type

8 type: almost ideal body, choose a swimsuit as long as the size is appropriate, there is basically no problem, wear the tube type is also just to try a new style. So the girls may want to boldly try a variety of swimsuits with personality, can bring freshness.

Slim type: slender body can manage most swimsuits, wear tube type also for diversity. in addition, your ability to navigate the triangle type bikini is unmatched.

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