Different body shapes suit different one-piece swimsuits

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Different body shapes suit different one-piece swimsuits

Another factor to consider when choosing a flawless fit is your body type. The common body type categories are apple, pear, hourglass, and rectangle. This, in addition to taking your body measurements, will help you determine which cut will complement your body's shape best. To determine your swimsuit size, all you need is a measuring tape.

Start at the bust with one end of the tape and wrap around the body, under the arms, at the fullest part of the chest. Then, move the measuring tape to your waist to measure around the body at the narrowest part of the torso. Finally, stand with your feet together and measure the hips at the fullest part of the hip and rear. By marking down your specific measurements, it’ll help you find the correct size for the brand.

Apple Body Type

Once you have a general idea of your size, think about how a specific cut will flow with your natural body shape. For apple-shaped bodies, the shoulders and bust area are typically broader than the hips. The waistline is also not as well-defined as other body shapes. Find a swimsuit that flaunts the legs and helps to provide definition to the waist. It’s also important to find adequate support for the bust by opting for thicker straps.

The fashionable style of the One Piece is a favorite among apple body types. It highlights the legs with a higher cut but still provides enough coverage. The criss cross neckline provide ample support and creates a sleeker silhouette.

Pear Body Type

The pear body or inverted triangle body type is defined by narrower shoulders than the waist and hips. A one piece swimsuit with minimal or no straps will highlight the neckline and shoulder area. Also, full coverage and a cut that helps to minimize the waist will flatter the pear body type well. The Corsage One Piece is perfect for this shape due to its color blocking.

The skinny strap front and cutouts of this striking, deep red swimsuit create a slimming effect. The eyes are drawn more inward to help better define the waistline and flow with the body's natural curves. The intricate front adds a stylish appeal and the full coverage back keeps it flattering and comfortable.

Hourglass Body Type

The waist is the narrowest part of the hourglass body type. This shape is defined by having a fuller bust and hips. Finding a swimsuit for this body type involves highlighting the natural shape while providing enough support at both the top and bottom. There are several cuts that highlight the hourglass figure well. The Gisele One Piece is a unique, flirty choice. From the back, it appears as a two piece swimsuit but has one-piece coverage in the front for a modern combination that embraces the benefits of both styles.

The rich blue-gray hue of the Isabela One Piece is reminiscent of ocean waters and the accompanying gold beading mimic flecks of sunshine among the waves. The deep-v neckline highlights the narrower middle of an hourglass figure. Additionally, Brazilian bottoms and a criss-cross back helps add to the allure of this one-piece swimsuit style. For women with hourglass body types, this swimsuit is made to make a statement.

Rectangle Body Type

Rectangle body types are narrower throughout both the shoulders and hips. This body type usually works with a lower neckline and a higher cut on the legs while still getting the coverage needed to feel comfortable. An ideal swimsuit fit for this shape is one that amplifies a sleek silhouette and adds subtle curves.

The One Piece is a flirty, fun style that draws attention inward to create a stunning shape. The ruffles says summer in a swimsuit and the neckline makes it more interesting than the standard one-piece. Brazilian cut provides more minimal coverage for a sexy and sophisticated look. It’s an alluring, playful swimwear choice for women with rectangle body types who want a more defined silhouette.

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