6 Australian Swimwear Brands That Are Sustainable

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6 Australian Swimwear Brands That Are Sustainable

There are so many great things about Australia. Australia also has the distinction of being a nation that produces swimsuits in a distinctive manner in the fashion world. If you're a big admirer of swimwear, you've probably already noticed how one swimwear trend will eventually spread to all companies. The issue of whether you are wearing high-quality, environmentally responsible swimwear is another.

You need to consider durability when choosing your swimsuit. You should make an investment in a few of them because it's not a piece of clothing you wear every day. They ought to last for many years, preventing you from having to purchase new ones after each beach vacation.

Make sustainable Australian products a part of your swimwear buying list if you reside in Australia or are visiting during the summer. Some of the hippest, most stylish, and environmentally friendly Australian swimsuit brands are:

1. Bydee

One of those environmentally conscious companies, Bydee, has made it their life's work to make a positive impact on sustainability. Everyone employed by Bydee is aware of their corporate social duty to lower their overall carbon footprint as part of their everyday business operations.

Bydee has been putting the following green practices into effect to do this:

Collections are manufactured in small batches, just enough to satisfy demand and avoid overproduction.

High-quality recycled and renewable materials are used to make swimwear.

The swimwear must be of the highest quality to last for many years of use.

2. Bāmba

Bamba is an Australian brand that was created by a small group of Western Australian creatives. The Bmba designers saw that the swimwear market required a brand that displayed straightforward yet stylish and exquisitely made swimwear.

The design ethos of Bamba dates back to the 1980s, the decade in which the modern woman was born. It all comes down to being secure and at ease with oneself. In addition to being sustainable, Bmba offers clothing that will fit every body type.

3. Peony Swimwear

Peony swimwear has a lot of options if you want soft pastel shades and delicate tints. Peony Swimwear has perfected beach style, and they recently debuted their ready-to-wear collection, which includes coverups and dresses made of organic cotton, hemp, and linen.

Each piece of swimwear offered by Peony is manufactured from eco-friendly materials such as trash from fishing nets, recycled carpet and clothing, and recycled apparel. Swimwear with complete coverage and skimpier, sexier items are both possible.

4. Salt Gypsy

Salt Gypsy takes pleasure in the fact that all of its swimwear is created on the Gold Coast in a way that is both practical and ethical. It's a company that epitomizes the essence of Australian beach culture: slow, sustainable living that preserves the nation's stunning beaches, coasts, and wildlife.

Specifically for those who enjoy surfing and other water sports, Salt Gypsy creates women's surfwear using EcoNYL, a 100% recycled nylon yarn. It is a robust variety of nylon lycra that is ethically produced in Australia.

5. Fella

Fella's designers created their swimsuit lines in response to the absence of a simple yet elegant brand. A fella piece will allow you to transition from casual daytime beach activities to more elegant evening beach gatherings. You don't need to purchase as many swimsuit items as you once might have because you have one piece that can cover both day and night.

Since each Fella piece is made with premium materials, you won't need to replace your swimwear too frequently.

6. Monte & Lou

The Australian company Monte & Lou was started by friends who got to know each other while working for renowned 1980s fashion designer Brian Rochford. Because of their experience, Monte & Lou meticulously design each of their products to be both fashionable and environmentally friendly.

The most significant shift toward sustainability made by Monte & Lou is represented by their most recent collection, Off the Grid. With the substitution of Global Recycle Standard nylon for other materials and fabrics, the brand is now entirely sustainable. You will receive your swimwear in a biodegradable mailer if you order online.

Given that Australia is one of the most well-known warm-weather vacation locations in the world, it's not surprising that there are many different swimsuit brands available here. Even better, many of those brands are eco-friendly as well. Australians don't stroll along the beach in their typical beachwear. You may not have known about local companies like those mentioned above up until now, but they take great delight in them. The brands mentioned above not only offer adorable and fashionable designs, but most importantly, they are also environmentally friendly.

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