Abely's Swimsuit Sampling Process Breakdown

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Abely's Swimsuit Sampling Process Breakdown


Send us pics, sketches or ideally with the most information and comments to make understanding your expectations. Select fabrics and sizes for sampling.


Receive a complete quote within 48 hours and send us your feedback to get the green light to start working on the process.

3.Deposit Payment

50% deposit payment is required to start the process.

4.Lead Time

Sample process delay is mostly around 2/3 weeks depending on complexity of your styles.


Pictures of the samples wear on mannequin will be send to you for approval.


Samples are sent to you via DHL Express mailing or similar reliable provider (within 4-5 working days).


Belong your feedback, If alterations are needed on your samples, no need to ship back the samples provided as we can work on your main patterns created.

8.Samples approval

Once you have approved your sample, we can produce any samples in various fabrics, colors and sizes for a photo shoot or marketing.


1.How Much Cost a Sampling Round?

Our quotations are made belong the quantity of fabric needed and the complexity of your designs. Therefore, you can send us pictures, sketches or ideally tech pack and the fabric you would like to use (via our website or by contacting us via email) to receive your swim line quotation. The quotation will mention wholesale unit prices and sampling cost (unit price loaded two times).

2.How To Start a Swim Line Collection?

Launching your own private label swim line is easy, you can start from scratch. Send us the most informations of the designs you would like to create, such as pictures, sketches or tech packs. From sampling to production, we follow-up the whole process. Don't hesitate to asking help to our team, we will be happy to help.

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