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Choose a swimsuit for your summer pool party

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Choose a swimsuit for your summer pool party

We've got you covered if you plan on having endless pool parties. You can make sure you look as wonderful as you feel by knowing which plus-size swimwear works best for your body shape. Because so many retailers now provide the same selection of styles and designs for all body types, plus-size fashion is undoubtedly having a moment. You can choose from bikinis, tankinis, high-waisted swimsuits, and skirted swimsuits. There are striking animal prints, nautical stripes, and other patterns.

Additionally, the correct support at the bust can elevate your level of comfort, so be sure to determine what kind of support you require before finalizing your swimsuit choices. You will receive the most support from underwire, underwire with built-in soft cups, and underwire with detachable soft cups. You will receive moderate support from both the fixed soft cups and the removable soft cups. A shelf bra also provides minimal support. For plus-size swimsuits you must wear this summer, keep reading.

Tummy-Controlling Swimwear

Tummy control swimsuits are your greatest option when it comes to the swimsuit style to wear to accentuate your curves. belly control is a technology that smooths your body similarly to shapewear, and it's typical to find belly control swimsuits on most significant retail sites. Control lining, draping, a high waist on swim shorts, and other design elements are examples of tummy control features. These swimsuits are for you if you like curvy swimsuits that highlight your figure. Swim bottoms to tankini tops, tummy control swimsuits come in all shapes and sizes.

Swim Dress

Swim dresses or skirted swimsuits offer extra thigh coverage. They have different lengths. While some skirts dresses just provide a tiny bit more coverage, others, like modest swimsuits, offer far more. Swim dresses without straps and some with sleeves for greater covering are both available. Swimwear may have features like ruching or a self-tie that can help highlight your curves. Naturally, you can also locate a ton of swim skirts and pair the bottom with your preferred tankini top or stylish bikini.


Although a lot of tankinis are available separately, one-piece swimsuits may include a tankini top. Tankinis are likewise very well-covered. You may display just the right amount of flesh, and elements like ruching and tummy control will keep you looking your best at all times. Tankinis come in a variety of necklines, including bandeau, high, and sweetheart. If you're wearing a tankini top, you can combine it with different bottom looks for different swimwear looks.

Board Shorts and Swim Leggings

Swim leggings and board shorts provide the necessary amount of covering while maintaining your bottom's comfort. Board shorts are thin, stretchy, and may have pockets for small items. The longer of the two, the swim leggings, resemble regular leggings. The distinction is that swim leggings have the necessary components, such chlorine and UPF 50 protection, to make them suitable for the water. Additionally, swim leggings may have pockets. Choose your favorite swim top to go with these pants.

Rash Guard

Rash guards make it possible for people with sensitive skin and skin conditions that are aggravated by the sun and heat to spend a relaxed day at the pool. There are numerous styles of rash guards. Rash guard tops designed to resemble T-shirts are known as short- or long-sleeve swim tees. Additionally, one-piece rash guard swimwear and rash guards with collars are available.

Style With Head-Turning Designs

You should think about sporting a unique swimwear style to your upcoming pool party. A timeless style is the little black bikini. Try something different, though, such a swimsuit that is vividly yellow, red, orange, or neon. Think about a striking print or pattern like paisley, leopard, polka dots, or an anchor. There is a lot out there, so discover what reflects your personality and sense of style! If you're unsure of where to begin, go online for ideas. There are folks prepared to offer their swimsuit styling advice.

Other Accessory Considerations

I'll stop with the swimwear now. Your swimwear is only one component of your whole swim style. Your outfits can be enhanced with accessories. First, think about donning a chic plus-size cover-up. Only want your top to be covered? Consider wearing a cardigan or cover-up tunic. Look for cover-up shorts and bottoms if you merely want to cover your bottom. When it comes to concealing your top and bottom, you have several options, from a flowy kaftan to a maxi cover-up dress. The amount of sheerness and additional features (such a hood or pockets) that a cover-up may have vary. They always provide a little additional style when you lounge.

Additional accessories might enhance your look more. Sunglasses, visors, wide-brimmed sun hats, baseball caps, and fedoras can all offer extra protection from the sun. Beaded necklaces and bracelets, stud earrings, and other pieces of jewelry can provide fashionable highlights. Sandals, flip-flops, and water shoes are all stylish and comfortable shoe options for your feet. Pick a chic canvas tote bag to carry your monogrammed beach towels and other necessities. With the appropriate swimwear and complementary accessories, you may make the next beach party you attend one to remember!

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