How to Buy Your Own Favorite Sexy Lingerie?

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How to Buy Your Own Favorite Sexy Lingerie?

When was the last time you bought sexy lingerie? No matter what your relationship status is, you don’t need a reason to buy beautiful lingerie. You deserve at least one gorgeous bra and panty set like makes you feel like a million bucks.

Ready to spice up your lingerie wardrobe? Here's how to shop for sexy lingerie:

play up your shape

The secret is discovering how to play up your own body's beauty. Having your favorite regions on display while also enhancing your less-than-favorite areas is the whole point of lingerie. Try the Charlotte High-Waist Brief and matching Charlotte Padded Bra if you're worried about your stomach. Play up your hips if you like. Every curve will be hugged by the Marion Unlined Wire Bra and Marion Hipster. Looking for a babydoll that is equally attractive and cozy? The ideal option for you is the Lulu Unlined Wire Babydoll.

Get the perfect fit

Not sure what size bra to wear?Getting a bra fitted could be a smart idea. You won't need to try on many bras and panties before finding the ideal pair if you're shopping for gorgeous lingerie at a local lingerie store where a bra fitter can help you figure out your bra size and handpick lingerie for you. Additionally, bra fitters may propose the most flattering lingerie depending on your bra size, favorite colors, and fashion tastes. They know where all of the greatest lingerie is located, like the Mariela Unlined Wire bra and Mariela bikini. Perfect!

Go for color

Do you normally wear black or nude-toned lingerie? Sexy lingerie is the perfect excuse to play with color. Jewel tones, pastels, and bold, bright colors are all great choices. Don't worry about getting one or two wears out of a colorful bra—they're actually more versatile than you'd think. We love that the Casey Plunge Molded Bra can be worn during the day under most outfits or paired with the matching Casey Boyshort for a sexy look.

Try a little(or a lot)of lace

Lace is the perfect match for a sexy lingerie set. Sheer lacy bras like the Sandrine Plunge Longline Bra and Sandrine Unlined Wire Bra create a stunning, ultra-glam look. Complete the set with the matching Sandrine Hipster, or if you're feeling especially daring, opt for the barely there Sandrine Brazilian Thong. Lace bras can also be worn under sweaters and dresses, so you'll get extra mileage out of your beautiful lingerie throughout the week.

Buy what you love

Whether you're buying sexy lingerie for yourself or to wear for your significant other, only buy lingerie that makes you feel amazing. You'll feel so much more confident if you wear lingerie you love.

Wear your new lingerie with confidence

Now that you've discovered the ideal ensemble, rock it with assurance. Don't be scared to wear your sensual underwear underneath a favorite top or dress during the week. There's no need to keep your nicest underwear for a special occasion—every lady deserves to wear gorgeous underwear!

We adore how strong-willed lingerie is. You have complete discretion about when, where, and for whom you wear sexy underwear. Additionally, a lovely bra and underwear pair may raise your self-esteem a little. What a beautiful thing!

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