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The Power of Lingerie

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The Power of Lingerie

What does your underwear say about you if what you wear is a way to express yourself?

Most of us try to be realistic. We offer underwear for exercising, for that time of the month, for everyday use, for shaping, and even some lingerie. And perhaps you keep that underwear at the back of your drawer and only pull it out sometimes for "special occasions" (like Valentine's Day).

Every piece of lingerie has its time and place, and your sexiest bras and underwear deserve more usage, according to Bare Necessities. Wearing them shouldn't be about dressing for other people but rather about making yourself feel nice every day of the week. You can wear underwear every day without a justification or romantic commitment. Find out why we're upgrading our underwear by reading on.

It makes you feel sexy

Lingerie isn't about pleasing your partner (though it works for that, too). Dressing the part as “that girl”—you know, the one who has never worn a ratty T-shirt to bed in her life—is a simple but effective mind shift. According to psychologist Carolyn Mair, “Like any items of clothing, underwear has the ability to shift identity, change how we feel about ourselves and others.” Think about it: Do you feel more amazing in cotton granny panties or that scrap of lace you currently wear once a year? The mere act of putting on something sexy and special can help you to connect to and prioritize your own sensuality. It can make you feel more confident, more interested in your sex life. Allowing yourself to look, and more importantly, feel like the smoke show you are is reason enough to wear lingerie every day.

It starts your day off right

Just like making your bed in the morning starts your day off on a positive note, your first layer sets the tone. When you opt for a sexy bra and panties, rather than your shabby old faithfuls, you’re probably not pulling on sweatpants; good underwear demands a good outfit to go with it. Choosing the “special” underwear impacts how you (and, by extension, others) perceive you. While most of them won’t actually see that gorgeous, silky set underneath your outfit, your confidence will be head-turning.

It boosts your mood

Lingerie literally makes you feel amazing, and these mood-boosting benefits shouldn’t be limited to the bedroom. Fashion psychologist Shakaila Forbes-Bell explains that “the attributes we associate with specific items of clothing are extremely powerful. When we wear these clothes, the associations have the power to alter the way we feel and even impact the way we act.” Basically, if you associate confidence with that lacy lingerie set, you’re not just going to feel confident when you wear it, you’ll act more confidently. So go ahead and dress for success: Rock it under your sensible work attire at your next meeting.

It feels good

One of our favorite things about modern lingerie is that it feels as good as it looks. There’s nothing like the feel of silky, smooth satin and delicate lace against your most sensitive spots. It’s luxe and feels incredibly indulgent. Soft, cool and smooth to the touch, satin and silk glide across your skin for a comfortable and gentle feel all day. Once you try it, pairing a knit sweater with a sumptuous silky lingerie set is a surprising sensation you’ll want to get behind more often.

It's self-care

It is so easy to get wrapped up in life and put yourself on the back burner. You don’t need a reason to elevate yourself. Lingerie is designed to be uplifting! And just because it's “special” doesn’t mean you can’t wear it as often as you want. If opting for a garter set instead of tights makes you feel undefeatable, why not make it a signature part of your wardrobe? Or incorporate it into your nighttime rituals: Nothing goes better with your richest night cream than sexy pajamas.

It's surprisingly versatile

Of course, sometimes lingerie is just too good to not be shown off, which is why we’re loving the innerwear as outerwear trend. With bodysuits and bustiers having their moment in the sun, now is the time to have fun with wearing and styling lingerie. Be subtle with a bit of lace peeking out of your neckline or go bold by pairing a strappy bodysuit with high-rise jeans and a blazer.

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