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How to Wash and Care for your Lingerie?

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How to Wash and Care for your Lingerie?

Top tips for washing your lingerie

The general rule for keeping your lingerie and delicates in the best condition is to wash them by hand. Hand washing prevents intimates from being pulled out of shape, straps stretching or underwires getting bent in the rough and tumble of the washing machine. Padded bras hold their shape better and lace, mesh or delicate pieces are less prone to tangling or snagging. To hand wash your lingerie, follow these simple steps:

1.Separate your lingerie from your other laundry

Don’t learn the hard way that washing your lace panties with a bright red jumper is a no-no. (Be ready for those naughty nights and buy raunchy red lingerie instead!)

Separate your lingerie from your other washing and sort by like- colors, separating whites, darks and hosiery.

2. Read and wash according to care instructions

It might seem straightforward, but your tags will tell you how to care for lingerie. Following care instructions is always a good idea. Not all pieces may need to be hand washed, so it’s important to understand and sort lingerie accordingly.

Cotton panties and basics are typically okay to stash in a wash bag and pop on a gentle machine cycle.

Unsure how you should care for a piece of lingerie? Here is a handy guide to help you understand laundry symbols on your garments care instructions.

3. Hand washing Lingerie

Step 1: Fill up a tub

Make sure to choose a large tub, basin or bathtub and fill with cool to warm water.

Step 2: Add detergent

Following the instructions of your chosen delicate laundry detergent or powder, use the cap to measure the detergent before adding to water and mix until dissolved or distributed.

Step 3: Submerge your intimates

Ensure all items are soaked through before gently stirring the water with your hands.

Step 4: Soak

Spread out your lingerie in your tub or sink and soak for 30 minutes.

Step 5: Rinse

When your items have soaked, run cool water through the pieces to rinse well until the water runs clear and is no longer soapy.

Step 6: Press to remove water

Gently press the water out of your lingerie, taking care not to wring, as this can stretch your pieces.

4. Machine washing Lingerie

You might not want to hand wash your lingerie every week! Whether it’s a lazy day or you have a lot of laundry to do, here's how to wash laundry in your washer:

Step 1: Close all fastenings on your Bras, Teddies and Bodysuits

This prevents snagging and catching or things tearing in the wash.

Step 2: Use a lingerie wash bag

Washing your bras and panties in a lingerie wash bag ensures they won’t get tossed through the rest of your laundry. We recommend having a couple on hand - you may even want to separate your garments further e.g. by color or by style. Be sure to zip up the wash bag completely, then into the washing machine it goes!

Step 3: Select the delicate cycle

And opt for cold water to avoid shrinking. You don’t want your favorite pair of lacy panties coming out a size smaller than they went in.

Step 4: Add your detergent

Just like with hand washing your intimates, measure the recommended dosage of your chosen delicate laundry detergent and add it to your washer.

Step 5: Wash that dirty Laundry

Follow your machine instructions and load size. Include a pre-soak if needed.

5. Drying lingerie

Most care instructions on your lingerie will specify tumble drying as a no-no. High heat can damage the elasticity of the fabric or cause items to shrink.

When the wash cycle is finished, hang your garments to dry or lay flat on a drying rack. Dry lingerie out of direct sunlight, as the sun can damage elastics and cause colors to fade.

Hanging items like teddies, bodysuits and bras on hangers will help items to keep their shape and dry wrinkle-free.

6. Lingerie storage

Once your delicates are fresh and clean, you can let the sexiness continue! Don’t just stuff your lingerie haphazardly in a top drawer, here are our top tips for storing your lingerie correctly.

Use drawer dividers to keep all your items in order

Don't fold bras in half. Lay them flat or stack them inside the cup of the other for support, stacking them in a drawer like spoons. Folding your bras can ruin the center piece and contribute to them losing their shape.

Store special pieces well so they’re ready to go when you are.

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