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How to maintain your swimwear?

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How to maintain your swimwear?

Because of the continuous high temperature weather, many citizens choose to swim summer, and swimming indispensable "props" is a swimwear. Swimwear is in direct contact with our body, how to clean and maintain ability to maintain its original elasticity and color for a long time?

Specific elements

Swimwear maintenance has the following elements:

1. Drench your swimwear with water before you go to the pool.

2. Avoid friction with rough rocks or ground when wearing to prevent fiber pilling.

3. Use sunscreen makeup with care to avoid damaging or discoloring the swimwear material.

4. After swimming, clean with water below 35 degrees Celsius as soon as possible. Rinse by hand. Do not dry clean, machine wash or iron

5. Avoid wet swimwear in plastic bags for long periods of time or mixed with other clothing.

6. Do not use washing powder, bleach or hair dye when cleaning

7. After washing, please put in a cool and ventilated place to dry, do not put in direct sunlight insolate.

8. Do not put it in the box with strong moth-proof odor when it is kept for a long time.


Generally speaking, the material of the swimwear is made of polyurethane fiber with flexibility. If the swimming pool is sterilized with disinfection bleach, or if it is placed in a wet environment for a long time, it is likely to cause elastic fatigue and deterioration of flexibility. Therefore, the way of preservation is very important.

One, because of the chlorine in the pool, chemicals and sunscreen oil and other oil will destroy the swimwear elasticity, so try not to touch the swimwear, should first wear a swimwear and then apply sunscreen oil, swim should first wash the body and then take off the swimwear.

To make long lasting swimwear in chlorine water, here we suggest to use the swimwear made with PBT fabric or LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ or creora® highclo™ fabric.

Two, do not contact the cement, sand, rock and other rough surface, easy to cause skin wear; Washing hot spring with three warm also try not to wear a swimwear, so as not to meet the heat and deformation.

Three, just play through the swimwear do not long time stuffy in the bag or car luggage box, so as not to heat fade, should be as soon as possible with water hand wash air dry.

Four, to clean the swimwear, must first soak in water below 20 degrees, and then add a little neutral cleaning agent, 10 minutes after hand gently scrub, and then clean with clean water, slightly dry, put in the shade dry, do not use hot water, laundry agent, bleach, washing machine and sun exposure.

Five, can not use the dryer to avoid damage to the swimwear material, so that the swimwear deformation.

After the swimwear is worn, it can be washed with a little neutral detergent (no washing powder or bleach). Just rub it gently with your hands and do not stir it with the washing machine.

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