Selection and Matching of Swimsuits

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Selection and Matching of Swimsuits

For women who love beauty, it is very important to choose a Swimsuits that suits their body shape and personality. The following suggestions are for reference only.

(1) One-piece swimsuit: One-piece swimsuit is the safest and most classical swimsuit, and is an excellent choice for shy ladies.

(2) Flat-footed swimsuits: For women who are unwilling to express themselves, flat-footed swimsuits are more conservative, but its disadvantage is that it makes the legs look very short, so choose carefully. Boxer swimsuits are also suitable for people with thin thighs.

(3) High-waisted swimsuits: Women with slightly protruding lower abdomen should choose high-waisted swimsuits, preferably with twill, which can achieve the waist-lifting effect, and can also be used to divert attention and achieve the effect of modification.

(4) Skirt swimsuit: For ladies with flat hips, it is very suitable to choose a skirt swimsuit, which can visually beautify the buttocks line and show the grace of the legs.

(5) Split swimsuit: It is the choice of fashionable ladies, and ladies of good figure can choose.

(6) Big V-neck one-piece swimsuit: If you have very plump breasts and big waist and hips, you can choose a big V-neck one-piece swimsuit, but the pattern should not be too fancy, otherwise it will affect the effect.

(7) Bikini swimsuit: Everyone has always thought that Bikini Swimwear Women are the patent of good figure women. In fact, even if you don't have a good figure, as long as you choose a suitable bikini, you can cleverly conceal the shortcomings of your figure and let you show your charm.

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