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The 9 Most Flattering Swimsuits for Any Body Type

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The 9 Most Flattering Swimsuits for Any Body Type

The perfect Swimsuit is out there - you just have to find it. We've designed swimsuits to fit everyone's shape, age and style, so you're sure to find something you love. And don't be afraid to try them on, because you'll probably look amazing in everything. Here are nine of the most flattering swimsuits you'll want to try this summer:

Skinny suits

Abs are not necessary to wear a swimsuit. But if you want to shrink your midsection, wear one of our tankini swimsuit tops with slimming panels, or a one-piece swimsuit. For a vintage look, try a high-waisted Bikini Swimsuit that covers your belly button. If it has a tummy control panel, you'll get extra control to help you have your beach stroll.

Best Face Shape

While you may think that swimwear can only emphasize your figure, a nice suit will also make people notice your smile. For example, a V-neck cover-up can accentuate your face and elongate your body. If you have angular cheekbones, a bikini with a sweetheart neckline has a softer effect, while a scoop neck swimsuit can accentuate a longer face.

Post-baby body

There are so many one-piece swimsuits that can help you feel gorgeous after having a baby. Loose-fitting, cup-shaped swimsuit tops subtly conceal your tummy and waist, while soft, cup-shaped bras keep your body in place. Swimsuits with cascading ruffles in the middle and draped sides have a similar effect and look very feminine.

Daring Decollete

Whether you have large or small breasts, don't be afraid to show off a little of your daring. Women who need extra support will love swimsuits with built-in underwire bras that can enhance and shape the look. Those with smaller breasts can try a strapless swimsuit that accentuates the collarbone and shoulders.

Feeling thigh-shy

Many women feel self-conscious about their thighs, even though it's possible that everyone else thinks you look great. Instead of worrying, grab a swim skirt and enjoy the extra coverage. One of our ruffled swim skirts will also cover your upper body, just like any swimsuit with drape.

Cool and Covered

Anyone with sensitive skin should wear a full-coverage swimsuit that provides UPF 50 sun protection while taming sand and other irritants. Plus size swimsuits have a longer tunic length with adjustable sides that can be altered until everything is just right. Slim-fitting rash guards fit athletic bodies; look for rash guards with zippers for easy on and off.

On the run

If you're always chasing kids or playing sports during beach trips, you need something you can move around in. Create your own swimwear ensemble with a top and matching women's swim trunks. You can run around, play volleyball or just hang out with your little ones while staying comfortable and covered, and they look great on any build. Who says you have to give up your favorite water activity to wear a flattering women's swimsuit?

Size-wise, it's a Split Story.

If you have a fuller bottom and a smaller chest, try a two-piece swimsuit, or vice versa. Start with dark swim trunks and a patterned top for a look that's fixed but not too busy. If you have smaller hips and fuller breasts, wear a loose fitting swim skirt with a bikini or tankini to balance out your figure.

After Surgery

If you want to hide your surgical scars, get a suit with a high neckline, smaller arm openings and soft seams that won't cause irritation. Women who wear implants will appreciate a Greek-style suit with wide straps and cups to accommodate their breast forms.

Please feel free to contact Women Fashion Sports Swimwear Suppliers for more information.

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