How to Choose Swimsuits for Small Breasts

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How to Choose Swimsuits for Small Breasts

Buying the best swimsuit for someone with small breasts can be a challenge. When it comes to swimming trunks, you can choose the right size for your body type. But that doesn't always work at the top. With so many different cuts -- triangles, belts, suspenders, underwires, bikinis -- achieving the perfect fit requires more than ordering two different sizes. Don't be afraid to try different styles (it's all about trial and error), and read styles selection suggestions for a small-breasted bra.

So what type of swimsuit is best for people with small breasts? The answer is mixed. 'The truth is, you can wear any bra size in any style,' says Cora Harrington, bra fit expert and founder of The Lingerie Addict website. "There isn't a sling, a corset, a one-piece or anything else that doesn't include a smaller bust size. It all comes down to the particular fit of a particular suit."

Over the years, people have embraced a variety of styles: backless one-pieces that perfectly balance skin and coverage; A crumpled bikini that looks more like a shirt than a bathing suit; The smallest, unlined, crewneck bikini top looks like it came straight out of Hailey Bieber's closet.

They're all worth a try because, as Harrington points out, the most important feature of the best swimsuit for a small bust is fit. Classic necklines like halter tops and triangular necklines are also your best friend, because they can be a quick fix to fabric gaping and bunching.Small breasts are also an advantage. Instead of focusing on the boob cup you failed to fill, consider all the plunging necklines and more revealing swimsuits you can wear without feeling overexposed.

Women Crochet Lace Detail Triangle Bikini Set

Sometimes a simple triangle top is the best choice. “A non-underwire style like this is not always the most supportive,so small busted folks can work it without worry,” says Caldwell.

Women Crochet Lace Detail Triangle Bikini Sets

Ruching Top

Smaller breasts mean you can experiment with a variety of styles. This violet colorshinny fabric with features ruching, which can work wonders on a small-breasts gal.

Ruching Swimsuit Top

One-Shoulder Bikini Top

One-shoulder bikinis are best for people with small chests, as you rarely have to worry about overexposure.

One-Shoulder Bikini Top

Smocking Bikini Top

The excellent smocking design completely covers, the shortcoming of small breasts.

Smocking Bikini Top

Cutout One-Piece

The design of this cut out will attract others' attention.

Cutout One-Piece Swimsuit

High Leg One Piece

The high leg one piece with simple neckline, that’s ideal for showing off skin without feeling too exposed.

High Leg One Piece Swimsuit

Ruffle One-Piece Swimsuit

A pleated bust, which is essentially a pooled or pleated cup, is not only feminine , but also helps you look fuller.

Ruffle One-Piece Swimsuit

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