How to make customers have a desirable swimsuit?

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How to make customers have a desirable swimsuit?

How to make customers have a desirable swimsuit? This is the top priority of every swimwear manufacturer, so that they can harvest the market in advance and win the favor of customers. Whether it's going to the beach or a pool party, wearing the right swimsuit is a key factor in looking and feeling great. A well-fitting swimsuit gives customers the confidence to show off without a care in the world. Loose or uncomfortable swimsuits can depress the mood and kill the mood. Therefore, it is necessary to make suitable swimwear for every occasion, even if it is just for frolicking in the pool.

Whether you're wearing a bikini, a one-piece swimsuit, or a shape-up swimsuit, there are a few things you need to consider to make sure you're buying the right item for your customer.

Manufacturing material

In contrast to cotton, high-quality swimsuits are made of synthetic fabrics that are resistant to water absorption, so they don't become heavy in the water. Also, since swimsuits are designed to stretch over the customer's body, make sure they don't become translucent when wet or stretched. Good swimsuits are usually made of a combination of nylon and spandex. At the same time, environmentally conscious manufacturers are working hard to reduce their carbon footprints by using recyclable materials.

In general, swimsuit fabrics are stretched horizontally or horizontally and vertically. The former is best for two-piece swimsuits, while the latter is best for one-pieces and Maillot swimsuits. Double check that the print does not sag when stretched. Prints can peel or fade after repeated use, shortening the life of cute swimsuits.

Is there a lining in the bathing suit?

Check lining. To avoid any form of fabric aggregation at the seams, lining is essential - most lining materials stretch in both directions. In addition, the lining material can support your body and smooth out your curved shape.

Pay attention to the elastic used

Elasticity is most commonly found around the edges of swimwear, such as around the leg incisions, the neck and armpit area, and the back. The manufacturer verifies that the elastic is durable and can be used in chlorinated water, salt water and direct sunlight. smocked bikini.

Threads are important

The thread used in a swimsuit is just as important as the fabric. Make sure these threads are strong enough to withstand chlorine and salt water easily. Even when coated with chemicals and chlorine-resistant solutions, swimsuits made of natural materials are prone to tearing. Manufacturers use nylon thread on molded swimsuits because it helps stretch and firm without tearing.

Patterns and styles

Customers who need to shape swimsuits to enhance curves and hide some extra size where they want, specific swimsuits with specific patterns can help. The basic technique is to create a single, slender line of sight that stretches from top to bottom (or head to toe). Pear-shaped people, for example, need to focus on their upper body to make their lower body look thinner.

Ruffles and details on the top half -- ruffles and patterns are great for distracting from the rest of your body.

Through this tell about, do you have to choose product index? And how to choose your suppliers you should have a general idea.

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