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Swimwear trends in the post-epidemic era

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Swimwear trends in the post-epidemic era

According to the market research company survey data show, The global swimwear market is worth more than $16 billion in 2020, the market is expected to grow to about $21.4 billion by 2025. Judging by market data, even the epidemic hasn't stopped consumers from buying swimwear.

Even gathering and vacationing are hard to come by, "escaping" to the backyard in vacation clothes and bathing suits is still a great way for many consumers to cope with the stress of home isolation during the epidemic. With vaccination rates rising, many consumers are eager to try some of the new swimwear products.

Let's have a look together what will be going on in the post-epidemic swimwear world.

1. There are many new products on the market with functional features, such as quick dry, chlorine resistance, and sun protection;

2. Social media has given the swimwear industry a big boost and a platform for it to move forward;

3. Consumers are becoming more inclusive and willing to 'take risks' and try new things, including but not limited to funky prints, new fabrics, cut-out designs and styles;

4. Environment-friendly fabrics and sustainable swimwear are definitely good selling points that can resonate with consumers;

5. Gender-neutral products may become a separate category in the future;

6. Consumers are eager to update their closets as they move around the home for a long time, resulting in physical changes. The change in body shape has led to a sharp rise in demand for curvy DD+ sizes;

7. Female consumers are enjoying mixing styles and sizes, and many retailers and brands now offer this option, leading to a huge increase in the demand for two-piece swimwear;

8. For men's swimwear, understated camouflage prints in perforated fabrics and a 6-inch vintage cabana-style combination of polyester and spandex are also expected to be popular next season, along with watercolor prints;

9. Both women and men are looking for swimwear that can be worn at any time of day, from the beach to the street, style like Street to Gym

In brief, consumer demand for swimwear is high, and sellers and branded retailers are eager to take advantage of this opportunity to expand.

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