The most popular swimwear style abroad in 2023

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The most popular swimwear style abroad in 2023

Summer is comming, are you ready to greet your clients in your swimsuit?

In recent years, the bikini has been a fashion icon. However, nowadays, women prefer to wear swimsuits that allow them to move freely, so one-piece swimsuits have become a new trend. Perhaps this summer, one-piece swimsuits will surpass bikinis and become the best-selling swimwear.


According to Technavio data, the compound annual growth rate of the global swimming equipment market is expected to reach 5% in 2021, and the compound annual growth rate of the global diving equipment market from 2018 to 2022 will exceed 9%. More and more consumers are cooling off through water activities, which clearly drives the demand for water sports equipment.

If you are not sure what the most popular styles of the season are, Pinterest has provided some data on the most popular styles. The following image is one of the most popular swimsuits on Pinterest, which has been saved 22,000 times.

Here are the specific popular style data:

1.One-piece swimsuits have increased in popularity by 132%.

one-piece swimsuit

2.Plunging swimsuits have increased in popularity by 153%.

plunging swimsuit

3.High-waisted swimsuits have increased in popularity by 96%.

high-waisted swimsuit

4.Off-the-shoulder swimsuits have increased in popularity by 212%.

off-the-shoulder swimsuit

5.Gingham swimsuits have increased in popularity by 313%.

gingham swimsuit

In addition, according to research, most women prefer to buy tankinis, a two-piece swimsuit with a tank top. The tank top-style top is not as revealing as a bikini, so it can cover up meat and show off a woman's sexiness at the same time.

Anna Zornosa, CEO of Ruby Ribbon, once said, "Tankinis are somewhere between a two-piece swimsuit and a one-piece swimsuit, and can modify women's figures well, giving women confidence."

The occasion for wearing swimsuits is no longer limited to swimming pools and beaches.

Zornosa said, "Wearing tankinis can not only swim but also attend parties and travel. Now designers like Cami Raymond of Ruby Ribbon are moving swimsuits to other occasions, making tankinis more fashionable and interesting. If you like the style of the tankini, you can wear it with a skirt or jeans. Of course, if you want to swim, you can also choose to match it with shorts, swimsuits, etc."

bikini swimsuits

Zornosa also pointed out that swimsuits with details around the neck, retro prints, or leopard prints are particularly popular in 2023.

Abely's June new product preview, high-waisted pants and one-piece swimsuits are coming soon.

The direction of the new product in June is: printing, high-waisted pants, and one-piece swimsuits. We are all looking forward to and excited about this new product. The new product layout has been completed, the model shooting time has been determined, and it will be on sale as soon as the inventory is in place!

When it comes to foreign trade swimsuits and bikinis, Abely is serious!

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