The top 4 swimwear trends for SS24

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The top 4 swimwear trends for SS24

Every year our designers will provide the next season's trend for you, not only the style of swimwear, but also the color, print, fabric, accessories, and other aspects of the survey and collection, and collate the latest trends for your swimwear development to provide ideas and to speed up your development.

Here are some of our SS24 trends for your reference.

1. Pink color

pink swimwear

Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude too.

Pink color swimwear is fashionable and generally loved by women, showing a gentle, steady, noble, and elegant temperament. Pink is also a positive color, for example, a healthy person is sometimes called "In the pink (very healthy)", and satisfied and happy people are called "tickled pink (very happy)".

But pink is also divided into many different shades. From light pink to orange-pink, rose pink to dark pink, pink also has many names such as coral, rose, fuchsia, magenta, punch, flamingo, etc.

When different colors and pinks collide together, you can get different effects. You can use light pink and pale red to create a soft and elegant palette. Combining pink with black or dark gray can look elegant. Pink and blue are interesting together, while dark pink and crimson can create a comparative color effect. Orange-red and mossy green can produce a natural combination.

2. Embroidery print

embroidery printed swimwear

When you want to purchase finely embroidered swimwear, but you are worried that the handmade price is too high? Then why not choose an embroidery effect print?

Today's digital printing technology is quite sophisticated and can print a lot of details to make the print look very fine. So there is no need to worry about the printing effect, digital printing can also be printed embroidery effect.

Besides, the fabric lead time for embroidery is very long. With digital printing, lead times can be shortened, prices can be lowered, and there is no minimum order quantity, making it very easy to operate. And you can get fine and premium swimwear at a good price.

3. Maglia base shinny fabric

Maglia base shinny fabric swimwear

Shiny fabrics can add a touch of elegance to any outfit, which is why they are a popular choice.

The magic shiny fabric is a kind of cloth containing metallic fiber. It can be standard swim fabric with metallic fibers or printed fabric with metallic fiber, or even tex

tured fabric with metallic fibers. The color of the metallic fibers can be adjusted according to your requirements.

When you put on this metallic fiber swimsuit and the sun hits you, you are the brightest star in the crowd.

4. Buckle swimwear

Buckle swimwear

Buckle designs can always brighten up our swimsuits and make them stand out. When we match different buckles or put the buckles in different positions, we can get unexpected effects.

The following bikinis we designed use the classic circle accessory with a high leg cut to elongate the leg shape. One-piece swimsuit waist selected with the latest chain buckle, to achieve a high waist and keep the tummy control shaping effect.

In the end, in addition to our styles, we can also manufacture your designs with your private label and provide you with the corresponding accessories, fabrics, prints, etc. to use as inspiration.

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