What are the items that are used in swimwear testing?

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What are the items that are used in swimwear testing?

There are three main quality tests for swimwear textiles, including shrinkage test, physical property test and color fastness test. we introduce them carefully for you so that wholesalers can quickly understand whether the swimwear they buy meets the market regulations.

1.Shrinkage test

Purpose: to determine the dimensional stability of woven or knitted fabric after repeated washing in a household washing machine.

Principle: Before washing, mark the size on the specimen, and judge the size change of the specimen by measuring the change of the mark after washing.

Process: Select the washing and drying method, cycle and drying times according to the fabric type and customer requirements, add standard detergent and appropriate water level to start washing and drying, and finally come up with the test results.

2.Physical property test

Main items: grammage, tensile strength, tear strength, abrasion resistance, pilling resistance, etc.

Grammage: Ounce weight per square yard of fabric or gram weight per square meter of fabric.

Tensile Strength: The force used when a fabric of a certain size is stretched by a tensile strength machine at a constant rate until it breaks is the measured tensile strength.

Tearing strength: a certain size of specimen, clamped on the tearing strength instrument, cut all the mouth in the middle to determine the direction of tearing, tearing strength instrument using a pendulum to drop the specimen from the cut to tear the force used is the measured tearing strength.

Abrasion resistance: Under the known pressure, the sample mounted on the specimen clip and the standard abrasive cloth rub each other under a certain pressure with a certain track, until the fabric appears the number of broken yarns or holes required by the customer.

Pilling resistance: the fabric will be tumbled and rubbed under specific conditions for a certain period of time to see its surface pilling, pilling refers to the formation of fiber tangled pompom clusters on the surface of the fabric. Pilling is assessed by rating sample photo or original sample comparison.

3.Color fastness test

Main items: washing color fastness, rubbing color fastness, sunlight color fastness, etc.

Washing color fastness: The specimens are sewn together with standard lining fabrics, washed, cleaned and dried, and washed under suitable temperature, alkalinity, bleaching and rubbing conditions, so that the test results are obtained in a shorter period of time. Generally the colors with poor washing color fastness are emerald blue, bright blue, black big red, navy blue, etc.

Rubbing color fastness: the specimen will be placed on the rubbing fastness instrument, in a certain pressure with the standard rubbing white cloth and rubbing a certain number of times, each group of specimens need to do dry rubbing color fastness and wet rubbing color fastness. The color stained on the standard friction white cloth with gray card rating, the resulting grade is the measured friction color fastness.

Sunlight fastness: Swimwear is usually exposed to light when in use, and light can damage the dye, leading to the well-known "fading". Sunlight fastness test is to put the specimen with different fastness grades of blue wool standard cloth together under the specified conditions of sunlight exposure, the specimen and blue wool cloth for comparison, to assess the light fastness, the higher the grade of blue wool standard cloth the more light resistant.

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