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What Are The Kinds of Swimsuits

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What Are The Kinds of Swimsuits

The kinds of swimsuits can be broadly classified into several categories, taking into account both male and female swimwear. Here is a clear and organized list of the common types of swimsuits:

For Women:

Two-piece Swimsuit :

Bikini: A two-piece swimsuit that consists of a top and bottom, often revealing more skin and designed to show off a woman's figure.

Tankini: Similar to a bikini but with a longer, more conservative top that covers the torso like a tank top.

One-piece Swimsuit:

One-piece swimsuits come in various styles, including shoulder strap designs, tube-like styles, and Chinese-style collars. They provide more coverage and are suitable for a wide range of body types.

Triathlon or Racing Suit :

Specifically designed for competitive swimming, triathlons, or other water sports. They are made of lightweight, fast-drying, and drag-reducing materials.

High-neck Swimsuit:

Features a higher neckline, providing more coverage for those who prefer a more modest style.

Skirted Swimsuit :

One-piece swimsuits with a skirt-like bottom, adding a feminine and elegant touch.

For Men:

man swimsuit

Swimming Trunks or Board Shorts :

Looser-fitting shorts that are suitable for casual swimming, surfing, or other water sports. 

Speedo or Briefs:

More form-fitting shorts that are designed for competitive swimming or those who prefer a more revealing style.


Longer swimming shorts that cover the thighs and are often worn by competitive swimmers for warmth and comfort.

In addition, there are also swimsuits designed for specific activities like diving (diving suit/wetsuit) and surfing (surfing wetsuit), which provide additional protection and warmth for the wearer.

It's worth noting that the styles, designs, and materials of swimsuits vary widely and are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs and preferences of swimmers.

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