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Why Are Bike Jerseys So Expensive?

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Why Are Bike Jerseys So Expensive?

There isn’t only one reason why bike jerseys are costly. Instead, it is a combination of things that combined brings the price of some jerseys up.

Due to the materials used, the methods and locations employed in their production, and the amount of thought that went into their design, bike jerseys are pricey. Additionally, bike jersey customers are a certain demographic who, for the most part, don't mind spending extra for their jerseys, which drives up the cost of cycling jerseys.

Let’s take a look at these factors in more detail.

The Jerseys Are Made of High-End Materials

Like with any product on the market, if the materials used to produce the bike jerseys are expensive, the jersey’s retail price will be on the pricey side, too. Cycling jerseys are expensive because they use certain high-end fabrics that can bring significant benefits to cyclists.

High-quality cycling jerseys are produced using exotic fabrics and materials such as:

Carbon fiber is strong and lightweight. During extended rides, it keeps a cyclist's body temperature stable.

Polyester is a technological fabric that dries rapidly and is comfortable on the body.

Tight-Weave Cycling enthusiasts choose threads because they increase comfort and smoothness.

Composites: To maximize benefits, some producers are fusing many textiles into one.

When riding, nylon, a blend of microfibre and spandex, helps to keep the body cool.

Elastane, a very elastic fabric, gives the jersey its flexibility.

Most expensive cycling jerseys are made by hand.

Most expensive bike jerseys are hand-made to perfection by experienced artisans who thread all quality fabrics together. Hiring professional cycling clothing artisans brings the labor costs up and increases the time it takes to produce, driving the price of the final product higher.

On the other hand, cheaper jerseys are usually mass-produced in factories.

They’re Ethically Produced

Where a jersey is produced can also have an impact on the price. Jerseys made in more developed countries are subject to various environmental and labor laws.

Labor laws require the companies to pay a good livable wage and adhere to working condition standards. These laws are certainly very commendable, but they lead to increased labor costs and higher prices that consumers will have to pay.

Environmental laws also bring a lot of costs to companies, especially those involved in production.

Cycling Is a High-End Market

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that, similarly to golf, cycling is somewhat of a luxurious sport. If someone takes cycling seriously, they are more likely to invest a significant amount into buying and maintaining a bike, which is usually quite expensive in itself, and sound gear that can improve their cycling experience.

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