Would you like to own a smart swimsuit?

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Would you like to own a smart swimsuit?

We all know that our clothes shape and reflect our attitudes. What we wear affects how others perceive us. Not to mention in the warm beach, but also kind of show their attitude and charm. But the bathing suit of the future is even more surprising. Swimsuits can think for themselves and communicate with the person wearing them, which sounds like an incredible thing. Ever seen Iron Man in Marvel? Yeah, that's what it smells like. Very sci-fi. But they do exist, though not as much as in science fiction. They are called textiles and will soon become part of people's wardrobes. "Smart gear," then, will be more than just a fashion statement. In smart textiles, extraordinary fibers are important for the rise of the textile industry. Dressings, health, clean technology, furniture, geotextiles, and agriculture are some related areas. Tomorrow, your bathing suit will be a new interface.

How does this swimsuit work? The answer is provided by a method in which artificial fibres are woven using nanotechnology and organic electronics. Using built-in sensors, these materials can detect changes in our bodies or other physical conditions and transmit information so that the wearer of the garment can react accordingly. For example, when you accidentally break your skin while swimming, it will remind you of the condition of your body. Be careful of infection and be treated in time. It also monitors your blood pressure, oxygen levels in your blood, heart and breathing rates, and skin temperature; She will also monitor his activity levels, a technology that has already been implemented on astronauts and will soon enter people's beach lives to remind us of our physical condition.

Research into the substances used in smart swimsuits is still in its infancy. Such substances are well known today, and they can be used in many ways in sports, healthcare and the military. The right swimsuit can improve safety and happiness, especially in situations where people are at risk of drowning or infection in the ocean or pool. At any rate, this is the conclusion of smart textiles, market, application and technology research. The market potential is as impressive as the innovation itself.

The global market for smart textiles, extraordinary fibers and fabrics is forecast to grow from us $544.7 million in 2015 to US $9.3 billion in 2024, according to relevant professional institutions. That would be an increase of 1,700%. The strongest growth is expected in sports, fitness, military and defense. In all these areas, waterproofing and antifouling, uv protection and antibacterial properties are required; Smart textiles can meet all the requirements.

Things that we didn't even think about before are now coming into every aspect of our lives.

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