3 fashionable swimming trunks for men

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3 fashionable swimming trunks for men

Swim trunks are more than simply swimming shorts; they essentially serve as your entire summer attire. Swim trunks that are versatile will be worn more frequently and provide a greater return on your purchase. After all, you might be having fun in the pool with the kids before being forced to spend the following hour mowing the lawn and mulching. Maybe you need to run errands after that before diving back into the pool for another round of Marco Polo. Do you really want to do laundry multiple times every day? No. You should be able to move about and adapt in your swim trunks. They must also be fashionable. The good news is that there are no restrictions on swimsuit fashion this year; in fact, the bolder, the better. So show off your personality with one of these trendy men's swim trunk designs.

Quick-Dry Cargo Swim Trunks

Men's swim trunks come in a variety of styles, but cargo shorts are the only ones that will keep you looking nice all day. Specifically, a pair of cargo shorts that dry quickly. Because of their adaptability, you can wear them all day long without ever having to change into new clothes, whether you're splashing around in the pool, engaging in a water balloon war, or just grabbing your wallet and keys to dash to the store. Look for models with hidden pockets for change and your phone and make sure the mesh inside is incredibly comfortable. If the fabric provides UPF 50 protection from a long day in the sun, that is an added plus.

Board Shorts

Board shorts are excellent if you prefer swim trunks that are baggier, but they may not have as many pockets. Considering that they typically reach the knee, board shorts provide a lot of covering. They thus resemble regular shorts more than swim trunks, which makes them ideal for wearing outside of the water as well. You can get excellent sun protection by combining their length with clothing made of UPF 50 fabric. The drying time of a pair made entirely of nylon is almost instant. To wear these all day, check once again to make sure the mesh lining is incredibly comfy.

Swim Briefs

For swimming laps, you'll need something like a pair of swim jammers or briefs if you're searching for swim trunks more for exercise than for everyday wear. You can move through the water quickly thanks to swim jammers' quick-drying properties. When at the beach or pool and like a tighter fit, they're perfect to wear underneath ordinary shorts. You can use them as a quick-drying, form-fitting shirt by wearing them with a men's rash guard. A rash guard top paired with swim trunks is an excellent outfit choice if you spend a lot of time in and out of the water and want to avoid sunburn on your shoulders.

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