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A morphological guide to help you choose the swimsuit style that suits your body

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A morphological guide to help you choose the swimsuit style that suits your body

With the days getting longer and you can even smell summer in the air, choosing a new swimsuit can really brighten our mood and remind us that summer is just around the corner. Appearance is absolutely crucial when choosing a women's swimsuit. It is primarily a matter of aesthetics. Each style can enhance your curves or, in some cases, help you hide those you think are your "weaknesses." The swimming season never ends: whether it's a cold tropical resort or spring break and summer vacation, Swimsuit manufacturers are the ones who know what women think, we know you're always on the hunt for the most form-fitting, cutest swimsuit. Here's a morphological guide, and you can choose any style to suit your body.

A and V frame patterns

Type A, your hips are wider than your shoulders. Your goal is to emphasize your narrow upper half and tone down your lower half. For this type of body type, look for fancy tops with belts, bows, or ruffles. Two-piece, padded or push-up bra to make your bust look bigger. Low-rise briefs make your torso look longer. All of these elements bring body to weak shoulders. For the bottom, the goal is to complete the legs by privileging notch panties. A low-V neckline is recommended, with side details (such as cut-outs or patterns) accentuating a narrow waist. Your goal is to build your chest with bold patterns (skipping solids). Shape tip: Fill, range from light to solid. How much bulge you have is a matter of personal preference.

V-shaped, you have slim legs, your shoulders are wider than your hips, your chest is developed, and your legs are slim. Your goal is to get the support your chest needs. Look for tops with balconies or triangles to tie at the back. The swimsuit that suits you is a two piece suit with high waist and high mouth. It will make your legs look longer and your hips wider. Always choose thin straps to refine your shoulders. Knotted briefs, patterned briefs, and shorts will give your thighs clarity. Look for supportive tops that provide a comfortable concealer. Try bra sized swimsuits, minimizers, hangers, wide straps (adjustable if possible) or underwire tops. Try a swim dress or skirt. Horizontal hemlines complement a full chest visually.

A large hourglass or "8"

Your proportions are excellent: your shoulders are the same width as your hips, and your waist is very narrow. The neat shoulders and hips, the chiseled waist and the full bust are all features of Figure 8. From bikinis to one-pieces, all swimsuits suit this body type. A vintage bikini is best for you. But be warned: if you have an ample chest, avoid strapless tops that tend to have an overly flat effect.

A sporty swimsuit

If you go straight up and down, your goal is to enhance the appearance of the curve. Swimsuits with hangers are great because they maintain neck space and freedom of movement. Look for cool cuts, such as sweetheart or hanging nape necks, to create curves and counter quads. You will also be more comfortable while exercising with a swimsuit made of elastic material.

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