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Do you still need to wear underwear under a swimsuit?

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Do you still need to wear underwear under a swimsuit?

In fact, whether to wear underwear also depends on your swimsuit, we must be good at distinguishing their own swimsuit can be. Isn't it awkward if you don't wear a swimsuit in your underwear? Let's take a good look at which situations you need to wear swimsuits, and which situations you don't wear swimsuits.

First, you don't have to wear underwear. A swimsuit with chest pads, with a sponge on the breasts, so we don't have to wear underwear to cover the curves of our breasts, including our nipples. Many people are worried, will such a swimsuit will be unsanitary? In fact, the reason why the swimsuit will add chest pads, is to let us do not wear underwear, so as long as it is their own swimsuit, then there will be no unhygienic problem. If you have a swimsuit with underwear inside it, it is very depressing our breasts, which is not very good for our breasts. When swimming, due to the underwater air pressure will be To our breasts, it's a double layer of protection for our breasts, so wearing underwear in a swimsuit with a chest pad can backfire.

Many girls do not wear underwear when swimming, we all know that the underwear is wire bracket, is very inconvenient for swimming, and the kind of no trace underwear is cotton, it is easy to get wet. So when we choose a swimsuit with a chest pad, we must choose a one-piece swimsuit. The one swimsuit is the safest for our female friends. Although the one-piece swimsuit is not very fashionable to wear, it is the best choice for shy female friends. The one-piece swimsuit with a chest pad protects our breasts without separating them from the swimsuit, which can be said to be quite safe.

V-neck jumppiece swimsuit, small make up feel suitable for those full breasts, waist curve and very good female friends, and when the choice of big v-neck jumppiece swimsuit, but also must choose the kind of chest pad, if there is no chest pad, you must wear underwear, otherwise it will affect the overall beauty. For the female friends who want to show off to everyone, but do not expose themselves all outside, the big v-neck jumpsuit is the most suitable.

If the fabric of the swimsuit is very thin, then be sure to wear underwear. Underwear is to fix the curves of our breasts and protect our breasts, and if the fabric of the swimsuit is too thin and too transparent, it is easy to let others see our breasts, so we will be very embarrassed when swimming. Then I won't be free to swim happily in the water. The role of underwear was to keep us from being peeped into our breasts. So when your swimsuit fabric is very thin and transparent, be sure to wear underwear.

People generally choose a swimsuit will choose a thin silk, because it is more breathable. But everything has two sides, although the thin swimsuit is better. But for this reason, if we wear this thin swimsuit, then our nipples will be obvious. Love swimming is a very embarrassing thing, faced with this situation, we have to put on the underwear in our swimsuit. Suddenly feel that wearing underwear inside the swimsuit makes oneself very uncomfortable, but in order to protect our breasts, not to be seen by everyone, and let oneself shame or to put on.

If our swimsuits are too big, we should wear underwear. The swimsuit is too big, it is easy to show our breasts, which is a big taboo in swimming, so that we will be very constrained when swimming. So when a female friend's swimsuit is very big, she must wear her underwear.

When we choose to go swimming, everyone will prepare a perfect bathing suit that suits them. And how to choose a swimsuit before swimming, has become a very tangled thing, we will buy the kind of chest pads or no chest pads. In fact, swimsuit styles are really many, how to choose to see which one you like? Which one works, but it's important for us women to buy a safe swimsuit. Swimsuit must choose and good-looking, and will not walk out of light, good quality.

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